100+ businesses are participating in 502 Black Business Week 2022

Louisville is home to many black-owned businesses. From restaurants to salons, travel agencies and clothing stores, these companies show the best of entrepreneurs in Louisville.

As of June 19, customers are encouraged to participate in 502 Black Business Week, where shoppers can find discounts and special offers at more than 100 black-owned businesses in the Louisville area.

Created by Tiandra Robinson in 2018, the fifth The annual 502 Black Business Week will showcase and highlight some of the best black-owned businesses in Louisville.

“The hope of 502 Black Business Week is that we can begin to close the gap in racial wealth in this country through black entrepreneurship,” Robinson said. “I’m always looking for ways to represent black-owned businesses in Louisville, and that’s what it’s doing this week.”

The starting date of the one-week event, which starts on June 19 and lasts until June 25, was not chosen by chance. June 19 is the tenth of June, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day and Emancipation Day, and is a national holiday in honor of liberation from slavery.

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