2022 Champions League final: Thibaut Courtois’ savior saves Real Madrid’s UCL lineup

PARIS – Real Madrid may not leave the French capital with Killian Mbape in their luggage, but will take with them the 14th trophy of the UEFA Champions League after the 1-0 victory over Liverpool at the Stade de France on Saturday.

Vinicius Junior scored the only goal of the match of the watch brand, but unfortunately the show in Saint-Denis was obscured by chaotic scenes to supporters who failed to arrive on time to begin with questions already asked by the Reds.

The finals were far from beautiful and the atmosphere fell apart after it became clear that there were serious problems in and around the stadium and the opportunistic Real came out on top thanks to Thibaut Courtois’ master class between sticks.

Karim Benzema received a shot in the first half, rejected for offside after a VAR check, but the efforts of Vinicius with the assistance of Federico Valverde just before the hour was the only shot of Los Blancos to the goal in the 90 minutes, as the Spanish grandees somehow held Liverpool away.

J├╝rgen Klopp’s men created a lot with almost double figures in terms of effort in the goal, but found Courtois in an inspired form and the Belgian national again showed his value for the team of Carlo Ancelotti, winning his crown from UCL.

“Back in England, I don’t get enough respect,” Courtois said after the last referee signal. “So, well, I showed it today. I wanted to pay a little respect to my name there.”

Courtois’ nine saves in the night were the most recorded since 2003-04 for any goalkeeper in a Champions League final. according to Opta. Liverpool won the xG battle with 2.14 to 0.88, but withdrew empty-handed due to Courtois’ heroism.

It remains to be seen whether Real’s approach is valid in the long run, given the team’s aging and inability to truly dominate, but their failure to land Mbape means that any planned summer recovery will have to be reconsidered.

Based on this performance, the French superstar would not simply turn the La Liga champions into a superb team, given Liverpool’s impressive prowess in almost everything but their completion – they didn’t even need a contribution from Benzema’s top scorer in the end. account.

However, this corresponds to the inevitable feeling for some time that Real was destined to win this one, given their ability to dig holes through their French striker or the incredible performance of Courtois in goal.

The course in which Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City fell is as impressive as they come, and Ancelotti steered his team through this minefield with a key contribution from star names and a fair share of luck.

What is next for Real can be guessed, but it is hard to imagine that there is much more mileage in this current harvest, despite Benzema’s ability to transform as an elite athlete in the last stage of his career and the lasting brilliance of Luka Modric.

Once this winning formula finally disappears forever, then you can say that it may be time for Mbape to finally move to the Santiago Bernabeu – this is provided that the Spaniards have overcome his recent refusal.

Until then, however, Ancelotti squeezes every drop of success from this group and even if it is not reduced to collective brilliance, individual performances of the highest quality allow them to achieve such results.

What is beyond any doubt, however, is Real’s pedigree in the Champions League, as they further highlighted their full mastery with the biggest prize in European football with an unprecedented 14th title and four of the last seven.

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