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In one of the last major strongman competitions of the year, 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals drew a huge crowd on October 8 at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro venue. The one-day competition featured five events that were carefully selected to test the skills of the 12 competitors. Finally, the representative of Canada, Mitchell Hooper proved to be the best of the day, earning him the win.

One win in the event and some consistent performances in the other four events was enough for Mitchell Hooper to win the gold. Hooper, who is coming off a win at the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic UK, definitely looked like the most accomplished athlete on the show, despite competing against some of the best strongmen in the world. Ivars Schmaukstelis took the silver medal thanks to victories in the final two events. This hampered Kevin Fairs a bit, but he still only dropped to third place.

2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Results

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First event – Nicole Stones

The Giants Live 2022 World Tour Finals kicked off with a very elaborate event, but also one that goes way back in Strongman history. The Nicol Stones Carry is one of the most difficult competitions a competitor can face because it requires the activation of many muscle groups. One stone weighed 114 kilograms (251.3 pounds), while the other came out 139 kilograms (306.4 pounds). This made balancing even more difficult.

Seeing as he holds the world record for a Dinnie Stones cue, Kevin Faires was the favorite going into this event. However, he managed to do more than just win, as he has now broken Dinny Stone’s world record. Mitchell Hooper and Andy Black weren’t too far from catching him, but were just a few inches short.

  • Kevin Fairs – 24.61 meters
  • Mitchell Hooper – 24.14 meters
  • Andy Black – 24.08 meters
  • Paul Smith – 23.1 meters
  • Aivars Schmaukstellis – 20 meters
  • Louis Jack – 19.75 meters
  • Eddie Williams – 16.58 meters
  • Mark Felix — 16.37 meters
  • Pavlo Nakonechny — 15.91 meters
  • Rauno Heinla — 12.75 meters
  • Pavlo Kordiaka – 9.4 meters
  • Pa O’Dwyer – 8.58 meters

Even two — Carry & Drag

The second event of the Giants Live 2022 World Tour Finals was the Carry and Drag, which featured a 125-kilogram (275.5-pound) anchor and a 350-kilogram (771.6-pound) chain. As a first step, the competitors had to carry the anchor over a distance of 40 meters. At the same place where the anchor was dropped, they picked up the chain and returned it to the starting point. The time was 60 seconds.

Mitchell Hooper once again showed his incredible speed, which seems to be one of his greatest attributes. He won maximum points, building almost a second lead over Pavlo Cordiaca and an even bigger lead over third-placed Kevin Faires.

  • Mitchell Hooper – 22.16 s
  • Pavlo Kordiaka-22.96s
  • Kevin Fairs – 23.41 sec
  • Pa O’Dwyer – 25.35s
  • Aivars Schmaukstellis – 26.45 s
  • Paul Smith – 27.3 s
  • Pavlo Nakonechny — 27.78 s
  • Rauno Heinla – 28.57 s
  • Louis Jack – 28.84 s
  • Eddie Williams – 30.65 s
  • Andy Black – 37.37 s
  • Mark Felix – 40.4 s

Event Three — Deadlift

Historically, the deadlift has been one of the greatest tests of strength since the inception of Strongman, so the Giants Live 2022 World Tour finale didn’t hesitate to include it as well. It happened to be an axle barbell deadlift for reps. The weight was predetermined to be 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds), while the time limit to block as many repetitions as possible was 60 seconds.

A surprising performance saw Pavlo Nakonechnyy win this event with 11 reps. Pavlo got off to a slower start to the Giants Live 2022 World Tour Finals than expected, but a sudden burst of energy enabled him to beat everyone on the deadlift. Even Masters deadlift world record holder Rauno Heinla, who finished second. Mitchell Hooper wasn’t far behind, placing third.

  • Pavlo Nakonechny — 11 repetitions
  • Rauno Heinla — 9 reps
  • Mitchell Hooper — 7 reps
  • Aivars Schmaukstellis – 6 reps
  • Kevin Faires – 6 reps
  • Mark Felix — 6 reps
  • Pavlo Kordiaka — 5 times
  • Pa O’Dwyer — 5 reps
  • Paul Smith – 4 reps
  • Eddie Williams – 4 reps
  • Andy Black — 4 reps
  • Louis Jack — 2 reps

Fourth Event — Dumbbell Press

Oleksii Novikov’s absence from the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals meant that Dumbell Press could make some changes to the rankings just before the final event. The dumbbell weighed 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and the time limit for completing as many repetitions as possible was 60 seconds.

Aivars Schmaukstellis and Pavlo Kordiaka tried to pass each other with one final rep, but both finished with seven reps and shared the points. Mitchell Hooper was unable to join the points division, but was still happy with another third place.

  • Aivars Schmaukstellis – 7 reps
  • Pavlo Kordiaka — 7 times
  • Mitchell Hooper — 6 reps
  • Pa O’Dwyer — 5 reps
  • Paul Smith – 5 reps
  • Pavlo Nakonechny — 4 repetitions
  • Kevin Faires – 3 reps
  • Rauno Heinla — 2 reps
  • Eddie Williams – 2 reps
  • Louis Jack — 2 reps
  • Mark Felix — 0 reps
  • Andy Black — 0 reps

Event Five — Electric Stairs

Contrary to the Strongman standard, the Atlas Stones were not the final event of the Giants Live 2022 World Tour Finals. Instead, the final obstacle for the competitors was the power ladders. There were five fixtures ranging from 200 kilograms (440 lb) to 250 kilograms (551 lb), each of which had to be carried up three flights of stairs. So, contestants had to climb 15 stairs in a faster time than the others to get the maximum number of points. The time was again 60 seconds.

Most of the athletes managed to climb all 15 stairs, but Ivars Schmaukstellis did it in just over 30 seconds and earned 12 points. Pavlo Nakonechnyy also finished the race impressively, but it was too late to secure a podium finish.

  • Aivars Shmaukstellis – 15 in 33.02 s
  • Pavlo Nakonechny — 15 in 38.81 s
  • Kevin Fairs — 15 in 39.50 seconds
  • Mitchell Hooper — 15th in 42.08 seconds
  • Pavlo Kordiaka – 15th at 44.52 s
  • Eddie Williams – 15 in 46.90 sec
  • Rauno Heinla — 15 in 51.28 s
  • Mark Felix — 13 in 57.58 s
  • Andy Black — 12 in 50.78 sec
  • Pa O’Dwyer — 12 in 59.78 sec
  • Lewis Jack — 9 in 26.64 seconds
  • Paul Smith — 9 in 47.54 s

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Although Mitchell Hooper hasn’t competed in Strongman in a long time, he already has two race wins. In addition, Mitchell also won two silver medals and one bronze medal from his remaining four appearances. The only competition he didn’t make the podium at was the 2022 World’s Strongest Man, which was still very impressive as he finished 8th in his Strongman debut.

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