2022 World Series: Phillies vs. Astros expert picks

The Houston Astros haven’t lost a game in the postseason. The Philadelphia Phillies have defied the odds and looked like a team of destiny all October.

So which storyline will win when the 2022 World Series begins Friday night (8 p.m. ET on FOX and the FOX Sports app)?

Who wins it all?

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry break down the 2022 World Series and give their predictions on who will take home the title.

We asked our team of baseball experts to make their World Series predictions and let us know how this game will play out.

Ben Verlander: Astros in six games

I believe the big advantage for Houston will come during those games in Philly where the Phillies won’t have their great starting pitchers on the mound. The Phillies need to win one of those first two games in Houston, and then the series really shifts when you get to Philly. The Phillies have big home field advantage, but they won’t have their best guys in those games.

I think the Astros can do it and I think they do it in six. But I can’t stress enough, this series is Goliath vs. Goliath. These are two loaded franchises that have MVPs, Silver Sluggers and great rotations. For MVP I will fight with Alex Bregman. It heats up on the plate at the critical moment.

Alex Curry: Phillies at seven

Once the postseason began, we saw the Phillies become a completely different team. They have that special postseason magic—that one team always seems to pick up at some point. I thought there might be a few teams that would grab that magic, but it was the Phillies all the way.

They are clicking on all cylinders. If the pitching can come up and go deep into games, their bats are red hot, led by Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins. I think they have what it takes and they will do it.

Pedro Moura: Astros in six

Phyllis has some magic, no doubt about it. There is a world where they do one last upset and live forever. But the Astros possess too much talent to engineer that result.

It’s in the middle of this streak, especially when I expect Houston to jump ahead. The difference in the opening move in Game 4 will be huge. But the postseason is often about stars, and the Phillies have the stars to at least make things interesting.

Dusty Baker’s Journey

Dusty Baker's Journey

MLB reporter Deesha Thosar discusses the impact Dusty Baker has had on the Astros and his pursuit of that long-awaited ring.

Disha Tosar: Astros at five

The Astros have no weaknesses. They have defeated every opponent they have faced. They have every playoff team’s dream: an excellent game led by 39-year-old Justin Verlander coming off Tommy John surgery. They have players in the lineup and hitters who take advantage of the opportunity to punish the opposing pitcher’s mistakes.

As if their list wasn’t full enough, they also feed off negativity and boos along the way. Combine all of that with the leadership of Astros captain Dusty Baker, who knows a thing or two about outplaying opponents, and this Astros team looks unstoppable. The Phillies will be lucky to win one game.

Jordan Shusterman: Astros at six

I’m in awe of this Phillies magic run as much as the next person, and I really think Philadelphia has a real chance to make the Astros sweat more than they have so far during their undefeated postseason run.

However, I don’t think the Phillies have realized the caliber or depth of hitting that Houston is about to have against them. I also don’t see them overcoming what should be a huge gap in the middle games of the series in terms of starting pitching and the variety of weapons the Astros have.

Aaron Nola and Zach Wheeler should give them a real shot in Games 1 and 2 in Houston, but it’s just hard to pick a team that has relied so heavily on just four pitchers (Wheeler and Nola, plus Seranthony Dominguez and Jose Alvarado) so far , compared to the eight or nine that Dusty Baker can confidently address over the course of this streak.

Rowan Kavner: Astros in seven

While it wouldn’t be a total shock to see another NL East underdog beat the Astros in the World Series the way the Nationals did in 2019 and the Braves did last year, this Houston team seems more capable of completing the task. The Phillies can handle it and have the best player on the field in Bryce Harper, but the Astros’ pitching gives them the edge.

If Zack Wheeler or Aaron Nola lose a start, or if Seranthony Domínguez or José Alvarado tire of their high usage, the Phillies will find themselves in hot water against an Astros opponent that hasn’t lost all postseason. Houston’s depth will show over the course of a long streak.

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