6 advantages of the community in building a business

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There is an old saying that goes, “You need a village to raise a child.” Such a simple saying: It emphasizes the beauty and the need for people around you or your community to help you raise a child.

However, this saying is not unique to parenting. In fact, it is ideal for business.

In a sense, your business (or brand) is just like your child. You take care of him, work hard for him to succeed, and do everything you can to protect him from anything that could hurt him. Like parenting, creating and maintaining a successful business and / or brand is something that cannot be done alone. As much as being a lone wolf is celebrated in today’s business world, being supported and working with your community of business leaders and supporters provides many benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits that engaging in your community can bring to your business.

Communities help you learn

The first thing to remember is that you don’t know everything. Having a community is great because it gives you the opportunity to learn and gain more knowledge. Often in business you get so close to the project you are working on that you have trouble stepping back to see what you may be missing. It is crucial to recognize that each person in your community is their own court of knowledge and has their own unique experiences that can be of great benefit to you. Members of your community can be the fresh eyes you need to look at your project and come up with ideas that make it even better.

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Communities build your network

Your community is also essential to building your network. Building real relationships within your community and network can take you a long way. People in your community also have their own networks and separate communities, some of which may have connections that you want to win. Maintaining kindness, respect, and consistent engagement with the people in your community will benefit you not only in the short term, but also in the long term, when you may find that you are looking for new opportunities or need certain connections.

Communities support you

Sometimes what we need is just thumbs up, a push to make the big leap, even just a shoulder to lean on. Your communities can support you and encourage you to achieve the goals you want. Research on empathic leadership shows that a supportive leader is positively correlated with innovative behavior. Having emotional support and encouragement when making choices can give you the confidence and strength to make the best choices and lead to better results.

Communities educate you

Everyone in your community has not only their own experiences and perspectives, but also different ethnic and cultural backgrounds that have influenced these experiences and perspectives. Being part of a community full of different people allows you to learn and get to know new ways of living and thinking. A diverse workplace has proven many benefits, especially increased critical thinking and empathy. Having a diverse community makes you a better innovator.

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Communities provide strength in numbers

Today’s marketing is about numbers and high performance. Having large and / or many different communities is great for social media and marketing. Let’s say you have a new idea and need support online to help make things work for you. Having a community to network with is a great way to build on new digital ideas.

Communities grow you too

Basically, being part of a community makes you better: a better leader, a better learner, and a better person. Yes, your community is a resource and your members are connections, but most of all they are your cheerleaders, supporters and friends. Business has become an area full of goals, fashion words and results. Whether we like it or not, our communities are the people who will take us where we want to be. Even if you stay to work with people you prefer not to, these people challenge you to work on things from a different perspective, encourage you to develop your interpersonal skills, and establish new levels of empathy.

It really takes a village. Many of the categories intertwine with another. But that’s what makes a community so special – having just one community can provide all these benefits. Contrary to what the media has to offer, no one has reached a place where he is completely alone. So immerse yourself deeply in your communities. Learn, get involved, connect. You may even find more than what you are looking for.

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