6 Things Incredibly Healthy People Never Do, Says Fitness Expert – Eat This, Not That

Here’s an important health lesson: being healthy is just as much about who you are do not do what you want do. Besides the obvious things like smoking, drug use, etc., there are a few common things that the healthiest people always avoid. Cut them out of your life and your health will seriously improve. Read on to learn more about the top six things incredibly healthy people never do.


Yes, it’s important to take care of your health, but micromanaging every single nutrient, taking dozens of supplements, or worrying about every possible disease is counterproductive. You still have a life to live. Of course, healthy people undergo regular examinations, but do not get carried away by it. Do the best you can and then let it go.

“Attention to health is the greatest obstacle in life,” wrote Plato. Balance is key.

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While exercising a few times a week is important, what about the rest of your daily routine? The healthiest people move often, even if it’s walking every day, playing sports, biking to work, or dancing a few nights a week. Daily movement burns calories, helps you stay strong, builds a healthy heart, keeps you flexible, and more.

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About 70 million adults in the US struggle with persistent sleep problems that harm their health. After all, sleep is when your body recovers, fights infections, and keeps your mind sharp.

According to National Sleep Foundation guidelines, healthy adults should get seven to nine hours of sound sleep each night. People over the age of 65 should get seven to eight hours of nap time each night. To adopt a good bedtime routine, stop using electronics before bed and avoid caffeine and alcohol late in the day or evening.

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We all know that eating too much junk food is a recipe for ill health – but never eating junk food? No need to be so extreme.

Yes, healthy people eat a balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits, and healthy sources of protein and carbohydrates. But they don’t feel guilty when they have a piece of cake or ice cream!

Unless your goal is to win Olympic gold, it’s okay to snack on tasty treats every now and then. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

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Next on this list of the top things incredibly healthy people never do is not drink enough fluids (or forget about them altogether). Hydration is critical to your overall health and well-being, and even the smallest level of dehydration can affect your concentration, mood, energy, and more.

Drink plenty of water and an occasional coffee or tea (without lots of sugars and additives). The amount of fluid to drink depends on how much exercise you get, the weather, and more, so drink enough so that your urine is very light yellow or even colorless.

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Living healthy isn’t just about your muscles or fat; your mental and emotional health is also incredibly important. Remember to laugh and smile every day. The healthiest people of all don’t waste their energy on negativity, stress or anger. When bad things happen, they move on quickly and focus on the best parts of life.

Things like gratitude or mindfulness practices can do wonders for your mental health. Also, keep friends who bring out the best in you and help you get through tough times. After all, your personal relationships are the number one factor in happiness – science says so!

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