A celebration of contemporary Asian art in a Parisian setting

Inspired by the work of visual artist Natsuko Uchino, the eighth edition of Asia NOW Paris Asian Art Fair focused on modern ceramics and was titled Fires of joy which translates to Flames of joy. The title reproduces the notion of fire as a place for people to gather to share stories and extends it to create a sense of community with ceramic art, a historically strong art medium in Asia created with fire and soil.

“The many ceramic works, in the gallery booths and throughout the space, introduced the idea of ​​a fusion of the elements of fire, earth and water, in resonance with the striking of metal specific to the site’s currency activity,” co-founder Alexandra Fein said in an interview with Forbes. Reflecting on the fair’s emphasis on contemporary ceramics, Fein added that the fair’s emphasis on ceramics introduces a consideration of manual practices that ensure the re-absorption of know-how from a European perspective and the re-establishment of manual practices on the same level as other practices, while rejects any hierarchies.

A view of the Mingei Asia Now exhibition curated by Nicolas Tremblay Image: Ronan Nouri; Courtesy of Asia NOW

The fair Mingei Asia NOW The exhibition, led by guest curator Nicolas Tremblay, delves into Mingei, an influential movement in early twentieth-century Japanese art that appreciated the beauty and simplicity of folk art in ordinary things, especially ceramics. The movement emphasizes the underappreciated beauty of people’s arts and crafts that are useful in everyday life and challenges society’s limited view of art. Curated especially for Asia Now, the exhibition juxtaposes important historical works by Japanese artisans with contemporary Mingei-inspired ceramic artists such as Mitsuko Asakura, Shoji Hamada, Kanjiro Kawai, Jiro Kinjo, Mari Minato (Gallery Sokyo), Kazunori Hamana (Blum&Poe), Prabhavathi Meppayil (Pace Gallery), Kim (Almine Rech), Ai Weiwei (Galerie Urs Meile) and others.

Ayako Rokaku in Asia NOW |  Asia NOW Paris |  STIRworld

Ayako Rokaku and Asia NOW Image: Courtesy of Asia NOW

Focusing on the craft and tactile experience of creation, both real and digital Asian art, Cai Guo Qiang, a famous gunpowder artist, presented his NFT project Your daily pyrotechnics, a one-of-a-kind interactive creative project where collectors became artists by learning to “fire” their NFT fireworks. Also shown for the first time in Europe was a series of ceramics created by Takashi Murakami and Shin Murata Ceramics in collaboration, as well as some of Aso Kojima’s ceramics with Murakami’s drawings on boxes.

Exploring the cultural, socio-political and environmental issues that affect the Gulf region, Futurism in the Persian Gulf *along Sofia Al-Mariafilm program curated by Odile Burluraux presents a selection of videos by West Asian artists such as Sarah Abu Abdallah, Ahad Al Amoudi, Sophia Al-Maria, Monira Al Qadiri, Farah Al Qasimi, Sama Al Shaibi and Larissa Sansour .. .

The Neda Razavipour performance presented by AB ANBAR Gallery |  Asia NOW Paris |  STIRworld

Performance by Neda Razavipour presented by AB ANBAR GalleryImage: Courtesy of Asia NOW

Alexandra Fein, director and founder of Asia NOW, commented: “Asia NOW PARIS aims to shine a light on contemporary art in Asia – the wider geography, artists, galleries, institutions and collectors, to provide a European hub where they can to engage in a more global conversation during Paris Art Week. Our continued efforts to focus on different regions, generations and practices in Asia’s art communities position Asia NOW as the leading contemporary art fair dedicated to pan-Asian artists and projects and Asian diasporas.”

Variations on a Pile of Bricks, 2022, PLACES cour d'Honneur la Monnaie de Paris project - with the support of Rairies Montrieux, Natsuko Uchino |  Asia NOW Paris |  STIRworld

Variations on a pile of bricks, 2022, project PLACES cour d’Honneur la Monnaie de Paris – Supported by Rairies Montrieux, Natsuko Uchino Image: Courtesy of Galerie Allen and Asia NOW

Yeo Workshop, Yavuz, Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, De Sarthe, Frank Elbaz, Lee-Bauwens, Galerie LJ, Michael Janssen and Louis & Sack were among the exhibitors, as well as blue-chip galleries Almine Rech, Nathalie Obadia and Perrotin, which exhibited simultaneously in Paris+ from Art Basel. Additionally, for Asia Now 2022, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in Kerala, India created a program that expanded the reach of Asian cultural connections at work. Samdani Art Foundation also announced the next edition of the Dhaka Summit.

Asia NOW Paris 2022 Video: Courtesy of Asia NOW

Text by Vatsala Sethi (Assistant Editorial Coordinator (Arts))

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