A health worker in Utah is building a Lego hospital

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – The COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult time for health workers around the country and around the world.

While some read books or go outdoors, a woman in Utah found a unique way to help herself through this.

Lexi, an X-ray technician at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, decided to build his own miniature hospital and the entire community around it.

St. Marcy’s is located in Lexville, a bustling Lego metropolis full of beach activities, a fire station, a zoo, cafes, donut shops, a newspaper and much, much more.

There’s even a Lego FOX 13 News reporter, Spencer Joseph, who reports with a photographer and a news van on the streets.

Lexiville is a fictional creation that forms an incredible collection of people and buildings, all from Lexi’s imagination.

“The first part was actually all the buildings,” Lexi said. “I buy a lot of kits and I have a lot of parts left over from the things I don’t use. But a lot of the extra kits come from the internet, and I kept them on a shelf, and my friend said, you know, “Why don’t you just make a city out of them?” that would look great. ”

It was a source of relaxation for her during the pandemic, as it always has been.

It all started with a small fire engine when she was about five years old, and became a hobby.

Lexi and her partner now also run a website called “Little with Brix”, where they sell all kinds of Lego parts from kits they bought or surplus they have.

This offering allowed them to build some of the most amazing pieces that have been released and create the amazing Lexiville.

“I don’t know, it’s just something therapeutic to snap the pieces together, just to build things. That’s really the way I develop my creative side, “Lexi said. “It was the beginning of everything, and then it just grew and grew, and then I started getting ideas for new buildings. I thought, “Hey, we’re going to make a hospital.”

The hospital was the perfect addition, because when she’s not helping her Lego characters, Lexi is helping real patients with their MountainStar Healthcare system.

“Just to be able to use this to help people – I’m very passionate about it,” she said.

However, the design of this new hospital is inspired by a real-life hospital.

The construction is perfect down to the smallest detail. If you were a Lego hero, you would be in good hands there.

“I’m just using my experience to inform the design and layout of the whole structure,” she said. “Initially, I built something like a shell.”

The work then focused on the interior, where there is a radiology department, an X-ray room including an adjustable X-ray tube, a CT scanner, an operating room, patient rooms, an emergency room, a children’s room, an optometrist, a helicopter with a landing pad and more.

In addition, there is a history of each character in the hospital.

“There are several construction workers in the emergency department. One of them sprained his arm – it hurts a lot, “she said, describing one of the many backgrounds.” The other one just got a painkiller, so he looks kind of crazy. ”

Right next door is Pride Square, which Lexi built herself.

“I’m very proud of that,” she said.

It is also in honor of the namesake of the hospital.

“I named it after my favorite surgeon, Marcy Bowers,” Lexi said.

Dr. Marcy Bowers is a pioneer in gender reassignment surgery and is also the first transgender woman to perform such surgeries.

“She’s my personal surgeon,” Lexi added. “I love her to death; she is an amazing human being.”

Lexville and St. Marcy are already topics of conversation at the real Lakeview Hospital, serving as inspiration for all their staff.

The hospital recently published photos of Lexi’s hospital, with the caption partly read: to Lego! ”

Lexi hopes the creative design honors her colleagues and all other health professionals.

“No matter who they are, how they identify, I think we’re doing a great job with that at Lakeview,” she said of joining everyone. We have a really good team and that’s why I wanted to cover this in St. Marci’s. “

Lexi admits that it will be an endless construction, but it’s all about spreading love and inspiration in real hospitals and their Lego equivalents.

“I just wanted to express my love to everyone, because, I mean, that’s why we’re here as health professionals. We take care of everyone, “she said.” No one is excluded if you need help. We help you! “

What’s next for Lexiville? Well, a budget has been approved for a subway running under the city, but the hospital is already working and working for all Lexville residents.

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