A national survey by Erie Insurance shows what they miss the most from working from home, and most from returning to work

The study also reveals the extent to which financial concerns have increased, values ​​have changed and the main reasons people have moved during the pandemic

ERI, Pa., June 21, 2022 / PRNewswire / – In a national consumer survey commissioned by Erie Insurance, two-thirds of respondents said they were more concerned about their financial security than before, and many were taking steps to address it. The extensive study also revealed what they miss most about working from home and what they like about returning to the office and, if they moved during the pandemic, why.

Pets or partners? A study by Erie Insurance reveals what they miss the most when working from home.

As a company that increases people’s financial security by providing life insurance, homeowners’ insurance and car insurance, Erie Insurance periodically commissions surveys to keep up with changes in consumer attitudes and behavior.

The survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) value spending quality time with family today more than before; more than half (55%) value financial security more and around the same percentage (54%) value spending quality time with friends more.


  • Two thirds of the respondents (66%) said the pandemic had caused them more concerned about their financial security than they were before.

  • 61% said the pandemic had made them more concerned how their family will take care of financially if they become seriously ill or worse, they can no longer be cared for.

  • Half (49%) said the pandemic had caused them question whether they had the right type and amount of life insurance as part of their overall financial security plan, and a quarter (25%) contacted their insurance agent for that.

“Life insurance is said to be a product you buy in the hope that you won’t need it right away, but our study found that having a policy provides value,” he said. Luis Colaico, Senior Vice President of Erie Family Life, Erie Insurance. “In fact, 44% of respondents said the pandemic made them appreciate the peace of mind they receive from life insurance even more than before.”

People on the move

One in five respondents (21%) said they moved during the pandemic, while 79% remained.

At the top of the list of reasons for relocation (36%) was yes live in a place with a better quality of life. To live closer to the family and having a lower cost of living equal to the second most mentioned reason for relocation (26% respectively), followed by to have a bigger home so that everyone can spread more (18%) and live somewhere with a better climate (16%). Nine percent of the people moved because they did got sick from their house after spending so much time in it.

Bitter and sweet for returning to the office

For many people who worked from home during the pandemic, returning to the office is bitter. The study revealed what they miss or will miss the most from working from home and what they like or will like the most when they return.

The most important things that people miss the most about work
from home

Percentage of people who miss it

1. You don’t have to travel to work


2. You can’t do small chores around
house during the holidays all day (such as
unloading dishwasher, folding laundry) (tie)


2. I can’t spend that much time with mine
children (tie)


2. Less free time (tie)


3. You can’t sleep


4. I can’t spend that much time with mine


5. I can’t spend that much time with mine
spouse / other significant person


Top 5 things that people will like the most to go
back to the office or other workplace

Percentage of people who will like it

1. Communication with colleagues at work


2. You do not feel locked in the house


3. Communication with colleagues after work


4. Personal meeting with colleagues


5. Lunch with colleagues


I’m sorry, bosses.

Among a list of 11 things that people like or will like the most when they return to work, the meeting with the boss is in last place, with only 14% saying so. However, men are four times more likely than women to say that meeting the boss is one of the things they will like the most. Almost a quarter of men (24%) say so, compared to only 6% of women.

Have fun!

As national road safety organizations sounded the alarm about the escalating speeding crisis during the pandemic, Erie Insurance wanted to know if people thought drivers were still driving more than usual.

38% of respondents I agree that the number of speeding drivers seems to have increased much earlier during the pandemic, and that has not changed – drivers are still speeding to approximately the same extent. But when asked about their own speeding habits, only 15% said they had exceeded the speed limit earlier in the pandemic and still do. 69% said they had not accelerated before the pandemic and are not doing so now.

Additional survey results are available to the media upon request.

Research methodology

This study was conducted online by Falls & Co. on behalf of Erie Insurance of From April 1 to April 8, 2022among 500 U.S. residents aged 18 and over. falls set sampling quotas, developed the questionnaire, made a table of the answers to the survey and managed the overall project. falls uses Dynata (Plano, Texas) administer the online survey, including mobile devices, of US Dynata panels that meet age, gender, and regional demographic criteria.

About Erie Insurance

According to AM Best Company, Erie Insurance Group, based in Erie, Pennsylvaniais the 11th largest homeowner insurer, the 13th largest car insurer and the 13th largest commercial line insurer in United States based on direct premiums accrued. Founded in 1925, Erie Insurance is a Fortune 500 company and the 19th largest property / disaster insurance company in United States based on the total written net premium. Rated A + (Excellent) by AM Best, IRI has more than 6 million policies in force and operates in 12 states and District of Columbia. News releases and more information are available at ERIE’s website at www.erieinsurance.com.

Erie Insurance.  (PRNewsFoto / Erie Insurance) (PRNewsfoto / Erie Insurance)

Erie Insurance. (PRNewsFoto / Erie Insurance) (PRNewsfoto / Erie Insurance)



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