A new event to raise sports stars in a battle for play

This is the team of the USA and Freddie Couples against the team of the rest of the world and Ernie Els.

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I am looking for something new in the world of golf? Who is not these days?

Fred couples, Ernie Ells and a host of world-class non-golf athletes are aiming to achieve just that next week with the Icons series debut event, June 30-July 1, at Liberty National GC, just beyond Hudson River from downtown of Manhattan.

The Icons Series is a Presidents Cup-style event that brings together a mix of 12 active and former US-branded athletes against their international counterparts in a six-session clash. Pairs and Els will captains each team.

Who is in the field?

United States Team: Michael Phelps (former Olympic swimmer), Michael Strahan (the former NFL defensive end), Ben Rotlisberger (NFL quarterback), JR Smith (former NBA guard), John Smoltz (former MLB pitcher), Andrew Whitworth (former NFL game), Ivan Rodriguez (former MLB hunter), Reggie Bush (former NFL quarterback), Robbie Gould (NFL kicker), Marshall Folk (former NFL quarterback), Golden Tate (Former NFL successor who has become a minor league baseball player)

Michael Phelps in 2018

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Team of the rest of the world: Harry Kane (Premier League player), Canello Alvarez (Mexican boxer), Ash Barty (Australian tennis player), Pep Guardiola (Premier League manager), Ab De Villiers (South African cricketer), Brian Lara (former Trinidadian cricket player), Ricky Ponting (former Australian cricketer), James Milner (Premier League football player), George Gregan (Australian rugby player), Yuvraj Singh (former Indian cricketer)

Harry Kane, the star striker of the football club Tottenham Hotspur from the Premier League.

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Astute observers will notice only 11 players listed on the US team and 10 on the international team. The remaining players will be added to each team in the coming days.

“All of these guys are really good golfers,” Els told Colt Knost and Drew Stolz this week in an interview that will appear in an episode of Subpar next week. “Some of these guys are scratch golfers. We will see how seriously they will take it. Because I’m so competitive in my field of sports, I think the competitiveness will increase as the tournament continues. I don’t think anyone wants to lose in this thing. “

Where will it take place?

Liberty National. The site hosting the Presidents Cup 2017, which was also the venue for playoff events for the FedEx Cup, is once again hosting a team competition. Will this be as big a blow as the US-dominated ’17 Cup? Unlikely! But we’ll have to see how Freddy’s team copes with the tension. The event will take place on June 30 and July 1, with a training day on June 29.

What is the format?

The six-session series will run for two days, with three matches with 10 holes per day, and the event will culminate in direct singles clashes. You read it correctly: 10– Holes match-game sessions. This means that the teams will not compete in the Liberty National layout as we know it. See the adjusted course map below:

The 10-hole setup for the Liberty National Icons series.

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Day 1 will start and end with five games with four balls, where the best result of each tandem of players is their team result. Between the quartet sessions there will be a session with greens, which is similar to the quartet. The difference with the greens is that each player hits that shot and the two-player teams choose their favorite tee ball and play an alternative shot from there. Day 2 will follow the same format except for the third session, which will include 12 decisive singles matches.

How can I watch it?

Spectators at home can take part in the action on the second day of the matches – it’s Friday, July 1 – when the broadcast will be broadcast on NBC’s Peacock app from 2:30 p.m. ET.


Can I attend?

Maybe really. Fans in the New York area who would like to see the action in person can do so with field tickets that cost $ 25 a day or $ 40 for a two-day pass. Spectators under the age of 17 will be admitted free of charge with a paying ticket holder.

Why should I watch?

Um, did you see the bands? There are athletes representing almost every major sport: NFL, MLB, NBA, tennis, boxing, Premier League football, even cricket! Also, the format of the game changes a bit. We are used to sports figures and celebrities competing in pro-ama under the blow game. Now we will see them competing as teammates in a match-game format, in front of fans and cameras on a field that is very different from those that have dominated for years. The nerves themselves should be reason enough to tune in.

Is this the beginning of something bigger?

This is the plan. The Icons series aims to host future events in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. No dates have been announced for these sites, but they are coming.

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