A new fitness facility in Alexandria offers affordable personal training

Care, Health & Fitness offers affordable personal training with no contract. And owners Cicely Hickman and Claire Burkhardt plan to keep it that way.

“We charge $35 an hour,” Burkhardt said. “Our goal is never to exceed that. You get the whole hour. In addition, we also do nutrition and healthy behavior coaching when it comes to your approach to food and things like that. We are both NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Health Coaches.”

Hickman said they have been training their current customers at their new location, which occupies the space where Boutique on the Lakes was at 94 Versailles Blvd., Building H. An open house will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, where people can meet them and learn what they offer.

“We’ve been getting some attention lately and it’s going well,” Hickman said.

Hickman explained that their facility is not a gym, but a place where clients can receive one-on-one personal training.

“You come in. You talk to us and book a session,” she said. “The first session is free. Then let us know when you want to come back.

Each session is one full hour. Clients also learn about nutrition and health that are tailored to their individual needs, Hickman said. What may work for one person may not work for another due to genetics and lifestyle. So they work to make people understand how their bodies work, how they are unique, and how to enjoy the process of getting in shape.

Hickman said they are always available to their clients if they have questions throughout the day, if they have nutritional questions about what they eat or if they need stretching exercises for sore muscles.

“That’s why we call it ‘CARE,’ because we take care of the whole process,” Hickman said. “The ‘C’ stands for ‘commit’ because you have to commit to the process. “A” stands for “admit” — admit you need help with your health and fitness. The “R” is to “retrain” your mind about how you think about exercise, food, and how you think about yourself. We even work on self-esteem because we want you to love yourself and love the process. And then the “E” stands for “encourage” because we want to do everything we can to encourage you to stay fit and healthy and move forward, and we want you to encourage others to do the same with their lives. That’s why we call it Care, Health and Fitness.”

In addition to personal training, they will introduce a step class from 6 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays next month that will be simple, easy and fun, Hickman said.

“Something to get people out,” she said. “The class is $10 per session. And the class is just for fun. People who work late or don’t have time for a personal trainer can just go out and have a group session with friends.”

They will be holding a step class at the grand opening so people can see what it’s all about. In the future, they plan to host different types of classes.

“We plan to change that,” Burkhardt said. “We’re going to have a tap class, a line dance class. We’ll probably have some kind of holiday class when it’s around the holidays. We’ll do anything fun that gets people moving. Maybe even a little yoga.

Some people may view exercise as a chore and dislike it, Hickman said.

“We make it fun,” she said. “And we’ll always be doing fun things in the community. We want to reach out to the community and show them what we have to offer.”

When they were looking for a place to open their business, Hickman said they looked at others around Alexandria and thought Versailles was the best fit for them. She has overseen the development of housing and businesses in the area.

“I’ve lived in Alexandria for the last 17 years and I live in this part of town,” she said. “I live outside of the Twin Bridges and I’ve watched that side of town grow.”

“After speaking with Cicely, I knew she would be successful because of how perfectly a fitness facility would fit in with the current tenant mix we have at the mall,” said Justin Jalonardo, President of Real Estate for D’Argent Companies . “The Versailles area continues to grow rapidly and this business is another great addition that will be here for years to come.”

Burkhardt said they looked at other locations and the choice was between Versailles Boulevard or Highway 28 West.

“To be completely honest, I love the fact that we got Versailles because I’m from Colorado,” she said. “I’ve seen developments like what’s happening in Versailles happen in my hometown where they started with one grocery store and now they have a Target, a police facility — I mean, it’s huge now. So I just see a lot of growth and development coming that way.”

“It’s such a good neighborhood,” Hickman said. “It has a lot to offer and we have a lot to offer people. We just wanted to be where we could help more people.”

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