A woman says the insurance company was asked to talk to her husband, but she is the main one

A woman at TikTok recently went viral after she said her insurance company refused to talk to her without first talking to her husband, despite the fact that she was the primary insured.

In a two-part TikTok, user Caroline (@carolinevencil) explains her situation. She says the insurance company called to clarify a case that has no personal information. However, she claims that they refused to disclose additional information about her account without first obtaining her husband’s permission.

The first video in this series has over 16,000 views, while the second received over 213,000 views on Sunday.

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In the first video, Caroline says she is the “main breadwinner” of the house. After moving with her husband to a new state, she signed both for health insurance, citing herself as primary.

Although she is listed as a major in all documents, she says she soon received a phone call from the company asking for her husband.

“I got a phone call to my phone asking for my husband,” she said. “And they will not talk to me. They want to talk to my husband. “

In a follow-up video, Caroline offers more information about the situation, including how she handled it.

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“I never said he was the primary,” she said. “They must have literally just seen a person’s name and said to themselves, ‘He must be the main one’ and put it first.”

Caroline then recounts the phone call. She says the insurance company asked to speak to her husband. When she refused to call him, she was detained. The insurance company’s representative returned from custody and asked to speak to her husband again to make sure it was “good to talk to [her]Caroline said she still refused and ended the conversation.

In the text overlaying the video, Caroline says she has changed her insurance since then.

She also added in the comments that none of the information disclosed would be a violation of HIPAA, nor had any claims been filed that could only relate to her husband.

Viewers shared similar stories in the comments section of her first video.

“I have been the only source of income for our family for almost 8 years. That will not change. In addition, no matter how many times you list it first for children’s things, they will call you first, “wrote one user. “It’s crazy for me.”

“Self-employed, unmarried, sole owner of the house, and the people at the window told me that I had to have my husband here to sign the documents for new windows,” said a second.

“It happens to every account I open with both of us in it,” said a third. “It doesn’t matter which company I hate.”

Others suggested potential answers for other users placed in this situation.

“I would tell her, ‘I have an even better idea. How about you transfer me to someone else who is not a sexist, “suggested one commenter.

“Ask if you can talk to their father. It’s fun to hear their answer, “said another.

We contacted Caroline via Instagram DM.

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* First published: June 26, 2022, 12:19 PM CDT

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