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As the world moves further into the digital age and more of our time is spent online, creating and maintaining a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important for businesses – and real estate is no exception.

Video content, especially online classifieds tours, is a key tool that industry professionals can use to support their business. However, for various reasons, many of them do not use videos to their full potential. Pixelated, shaky cellphone ad footage is all too common in an age where high-quality cameras are plentiful, affordable, and used by the competition.

Given this lag in technology adoption, here are three reasons why investing in high-quality video can improve your real estate business, from getting more listings to generating more leads.

High-quality video content strengthens your brand

Suppose a viewer is presented with two videos. Both depict agents giving a virtual tour of a listing. The former was recorded on an iPhone, while the latter was shot with a high-resolution camera equipped with autofocus, a variety of lenses, and all the bells and whistles you’d expect to come with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. After watching both videos, what impressions will the viewer be left with?

Research from Brightcove, a Boston-based video cloud service provider, provides the answer. Through research, they found that there is a significant relationship between video quality and the viewer’s perception of the brand. When presented with a poor quality video, 62% of respondents had a negative perception of the brand associated with the video. Additionally, 23% said they would think twice about buying from a company that released poor quality videos.

So the next time you post videos of your listings on Instagram, TikTok, or another social platform, consider how the quality of those videos can affect you and your brand. Higher quality content is likely to be associated in the viewer’s mind with superior service.

Premium video content will attract viewers who will retain your message

It will come as no surprise to know that video is the most engaging form of online content. Roughly 40% of all consumers and the majority of millennials—a cohort that now makes up 43% of homebuyers—find it more engaging than other forms of content. In fact, social media videos generate 1,200% more shares than image and text shares combined, according to Brightcove. On top of that, HD or relatively higher quality video content outperforms lower quality content on social media. For example, HD videos make up the lion’s share of YouTube search results, with 68.2% of videos on the first page being HD, according to an analysis of one million videos by Backlinko, an SEO strategy firm. Also, if your high-quality videos generate solid engagement from your social media followers, there’s a better chance that the platforms’ algorithms will promote your content even more by doing the heavy lifting for you. Also, including videos on your website will likely increase your search engine rankings.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when viewed via video, compared to only 10% via text. In addition, there is also an obvious connection between sound quality and retention, as illustrated by research conducted at Texas Tech University. So if you want to increase viewership and increase retention among your viewers – perhaps you want them to remember a remarkable convenience or a surprising price – then investing in a high-quality camera may be the right choice for you.

Buying a property sight unseen is becoming more common

One of the reasons why high-quality video content is vital to real estate professionals is that the stakes associated with it are now higher than ever. A decade ago, the profit of a well-edited, premium video tour posted online would have been a personal tour. But nowadays, especially after the pandemic, more and more buyers are skipping a step and buying homes without ever stepping foot in them. Given the fact that these high-stakes home buying decisions are increasingly being made without a real-life tour, that’s all the more reason to improve your video content. Your video tour is likely to be one of the last things a potential buyer sees before making a decision.

One last thought

Rather than handling the filming themselves, many agents outsource this work and choose to hire a professional videographer to capture the listing in all its high-definition glory. In addition to traditional videography, many also offer drone photography, an increasingly popular tool that has been proven to sell homes faster.

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