Aaron Donald, Aaron Rodgers top Wiley, Acho player rankings

There is no consensus on who is the best player.

The best team in the game is a radically different conversation. This title – aside from biases and opinions – belongs to the defending champions. And the Los Angeles Rams certainly believe they claim to be the best footballer in the world.

Marcell Wiley believes that Super Bowl hero Aaron Donald is also worthy of this award, and he said this on Thursday “Speak For Yourself”. “Talk about yourself.”

However, Emmanuel Acho disagrees, as the two listed their five best players in the game, aimed at the 2022 season.

Here’s how their rankings are arranged.

Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, TJ Wat are on the NFL Top 5 | TALK ABOUT YOURSELF

Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, TJ Wat are on the NFL Top 5 |  TALK ABOUT YOURSELF

Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho share their top 5 lists with NFL players, with Aaron Donald, Aaron Rodgers and TJ Watt sitting at the top. Who is on your list?


5. Los Angeles Rams CB Jalen Ramsey

Acho’s thoughts: “It’s just a versatile beast. I love his game. The reason I keep him in the top five: his last game may have been his worst game – the Super Bowl. He will enter this season with a chip on his shoulder. “

4. Indianapolis Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

Acho’s thoughts: “He showed how valuable he was last year. He had eight consecutive games with over 100 yards of running plus TD, which equaled the NFL record. I think he is the best back in football. I love other guys, but Jonathan Taylor is a different guy. “

3. Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald

Acho’s thoughts: “Aaron Donald is the best player in his position. Aaron Donald has to do a lot, as Jonathan Taylor does. He deserves his credit. He’s a beast.”

2. Pittsburgh Steelers ON TJ Watt

Acho’s thoughts: “All those sacks he had last year? Who was the defender of the year last year? He proved to be a better player than Aaron Donald.”

1 Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Acho’s thoughts: “You can’t argue with that. He was the most valuable player in football. That’s undeniable. If the Packers lose Aaron Rodgers, it’s a bigger loss than any player on any team. He’s the best player in football.”


5. Cleveland Browns ON Miles Gareth

Wiley’s thoughts: “Why isn’t Miles Garrett on your list?” Want value? He had the third most layoffs last year, despite the double and triple teams. Watch Jadeveon Clowney. Last year: zero sacks. A year before: three sacks. He reunites with Gareth and receives nine sacks. That means there is attention elsewhere. “

4. Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen

Wiley’s thoughts: “He was 13 seconds away from being this man, but he still surpassed the man who advanced in this game. He can drop the ball and throw the ball. These are Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers, who have a baby.”

3. Pittsburgh Steelers DE TJ Watt

Wiley’s thoughts: “I know he tied Strahan’s record. His thigh, bending and turning is, “Oh my God.” But there are two better players than him. “

2. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Wiley’s thoughts: “He is amazing. However, when you needed him the most, did he fulfill? The most valuable? Yes. Great regular season? Yes. When you need it the most – a little too attached to Davante Adams. then. “

1. Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald

Wiley’s thoughts: “He is in the trenches. He had five consecutive double-digit dismissal seasons in the toughest dismissal position. You tell me he’s not number 1. Aaron Donald is the best footballer, not only because he has a resume and in terms of production, but he does it from the most difficult position. This is the most difficult position to achieve these results. “

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