Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen among the NFL’s scariest QBs

Plan the game for one of NFL top QBs is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable for a security coordinator.

And unfortunately for those who hold this position, the abundance of qualified savants in QB is the highest value of all time. The league is full of unique playmakers and identifying the scariest men in the pack is far from easy.

That’s exactly what Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho did on Monday afternoon in Speak For Yourself, and while there were some expected commonalities, some of their disagreements may surprise you. Here is the list of each former defender.

Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen are on NFL’s worst QB list

Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen are on NFL's worst QB list

Bucky Brooks recently shared his list of the scariest quarterbacks in the NFL, with Patrick Mahoms at number 1 and Josh Allen behind him. Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho share their lists, including Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson.

Acho’s list:

First out: Russell Wilson,, The Broncos

5. Joe Burrow,, Bengali

Acho’s thoughts: Cool Joe. If you can get to the Super Bowl in your second year as a starter, after an ACL injury, then it’s very, very, very scary. I also watch his work. He is obviously good at every level. He won a national championship in college and then in the league went to the Super Bowl in his second year. This is scary.”

4. Aaron Rodgers,, Packers

Acho’s thoughts: “Aaron Rodgers is terrible not only because of his MVP, but also because no matter what your lead looks like in the course of the match, you know that if Aaron Rodgers has the ball with one minute left – 38 seconds left, Dallas Cowboy Fans , he can march on the field and win you a match. He’s always one of the scariest quarterbacks for me. “

3. Patrick Mahoms,, Chiefs

Acho’s thoughts: “Mahomes is only taller than Aaron Rodgers because we’ve seen him lately. 13 seconds, that’s all Patrick Mahoms needs to get off the field and put the game in overtime against the Buffalo Bills. 13 seconds. You can never fall asleep when you face this person. “

2. Lamar Jackson,, Ravens

Acho’s thoughts: “You are talking about scary. Lamar Jackson is always scary to me. Besides, I’m basing this list on “who would I least like to face?” deep, two yards out of the numbers, ready to stop digging, and the next thing you know, Lamar Jackson picks up and runs, now you have to do an outdoor game. This is scary.”

1. Josh Allen,, Buffalo Bills

Acho’s thoughts: “Josh Allen is scary because he’s a combination of all these guys on the list. You can be in this perfect zone and try to cope, and Josh Allen will have this ball right next to you, or he can fold and release this joint. Josh Allen is big enough to transport you if you sleep. 6-5, 240 pounds, if you try to sit up and hold on, you may end up on your back. You’ve seen him get in the way of several defenders. He can embarrass you with his legs and arms. “

Wiley’s list

First out: Lamar Jackson, Ravens

5. Matthew Stafford,, rams

Wiley’s thoughts: “Matthew Stafford should be higher on this list, but I’m waiting to see the Cooper Cup return this year. Cooper Coop was crazy last year, perhaps the best receiver we’ve seen in football. If you look at the years before, it was kind of a combined effect with him and Robert Woods. Now Odell Beckham Jr. may return, but what will they do as a balancing act and what will they do about last year? “

4. Justin Herbert,, Chargers

WIley’s thoughts: “Justin Herbert really should be higher on that list, except that the killer keeps saying he can’t get into the playoffs. So why is it so scary? This hand, you can just call this X, Y, flat game, Herbert 55-Z crosses. Whatever this game is, it’s the best game Herbert plays. “

3. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Wiley’s thoughts: “Aaron Rodgers is the MVP consistently, but the playoffs… He has to be three, four, because the game in San Francisco, what are you going to do? You have other goals outside of Davante Adams and he doesn’t take full advantage of them. The flaws we saw from Rodgers in the playoffs are the reason he is number 3. “

2. Patrick Mahoms, Chiefs

Wiley’s thoughts: “I tried not to put him at number 1 because 13 seconds is enough. Mahoms realized he had won the Bills game, but lost the individual battle to No. 1 man.”

1. Josh Allen, Bills

Wiley’s thoughts: “Who can do it better than Josh Allen?” No one can do better than Josh Allen. His intangible assets: Everything about Josh Allen that you can check: Improve each year, lead this team and more importantly, look at all of these physical skills on display every time he’s there. “

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