Active beauty startup Wild Science Lab eyes Middle East expansion and ingredient innovation

Founded in 2018, UK-based Wild Science Lab launched its first two ranges in late 2020 after around two years of development – ​​a leaf and seed hair care line and a root and fruit facial line . The hair care range included CBD and hemp seed oil designed to offer a preventative approach to scalp issues, and the skin care range included vitamin C, bamboo extract and aloe vera designed to restore and revitalize facial skin and lead to hyperpigmentation and dullness.

Since then, the company has expanded its offering and plans to add a third collection by 2024 in body care. By the end of this year, Wild Science Lab will also introduce a new skin care range aimed at blemish-prone skin and a hair care range aimed at stimulating hair growth.

“We intend to continue the development of Wild Science Lab products for both series [hair and skin] and also to innovate and invest in new ingredient opportunities,”​ said Ali Wasfi, CEO of Wild Science Lab.

While the company did this, Wasfy told CosmeticsDesign-Europe that the brand will continue to work with clinically proven or patented ingredients to ensure strong efficacy, given that the products are intended for daily use and prevention of a number of scalp problems and the skin.

Retail expansion in the Middle East

Wild Science Lab was also heavily focused on expanding its retail footprint, he said, launching at major department store Printemps in Paris this month. In September/October, it will expand into the Middle East through this chain, he said, with a “store-within-a-store” setup.

Asked why the brand is focused on department stores versus mainstream beauty retailers or supermarkets, he said the “store-within-a-store” strategy means trained staff can engage with consumers on the shop floor and advise them on what products suit them of certain needs. “We don’t want to put [the brand] anywhere and everywhere. We want to focus on a place where partners can invest with us so they can support us and get the message out to customers.”

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