AHF urges CDC, LA County Health Department to reconsider condom use

THE ANGELS – (BUSINESS CHP) – AHF, the largest global organization to fight AIDS with clinics or surgeries in 45 countries, will host a teleconference on Zoom Press MONDAY, June 20, from 11:00 a.m. PT (2:00 p.m. ET), for to discuss the recent global outbreak of monkeypox, which has disproportionately affected gay men or men who have sex with men.



affects US, AHF to call on CDC, local health departments to reconsider condom use


Monday, June 20you 2022, 11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM) ET)


Michael Weinsteinpresident of the AHF

Stuart Burstin, Ph.D. PhD FACP, FCPP, Acting National Director of Infectious Diseases of the AHF

  • NOTE: Dr. Burstin will present several slides on the monkeypox virus and outbreak

Carl Milner, Ph.D. AHF Regional Medical Director for Internal Medicine, West

Other speakers are TBD


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The AHF, which recently diagnosed several cases of monkeypox at its clinics in Los Angeles and South Florida, will urge the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and other health departments across the country to rapid revision and revival of programs promoting the use of condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

The AHF’s call comes after news last week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is now investigating reports that scientists have found viral DNA in the semen of a handful of monkey patients in Italy and Germany. Reuters noted that the cases under investigation include “…a laboratory test that suggests that a virus found in a patient’s semen is capable of infecting another person and replicating itself. (Read more)

Reuters also reported “Many cases of the current smallpox epidemic, which is largely concentrated in Europe, are among sexual partners who have had close contact, and the agency reiterated that the virus is transmitted mainly through close interpersonal contact.

“While there is obviously still a lot of research to be done on this global outbreak of monkeypox, including to determine if this virus can really be sexually transmitted, the AHF believes it is reasonable and reasonable to urge the CDC , the Los Angeles County Health Department and other health agencies to return to the basics and promote the use of condoms as a means of prevention, “said Michael Weinsteinpresident of the AHF.

Separately, the CDC announced last year that sexually transmitted diseases have reached the highest value of all time for the sixth consecutive year. In a press release published in April 2021, the agency reported that in 2019, 2.5 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were reported.

Healthcare professionals working in the field of testing and prevention across the country report that this trend seems to be continuing. Some attribute (or blame) the fact that people have been out of isolation for more than two years to isolate the COVID blockade, as well as the fact that the CDC and other health departments have diverted millions and millions of dollars and other resources, including redirects. of staff. from testing and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV to testing for COVID.

“We know that condoms can prevent many sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV transmission, as well as unwanted pregnancies. “Unless or unless the possible sexual transmission of monkeypox is ruled out, the use of condoms remains a sensible approach to public health that should be adopted and encouraged by health professionals everywhere,” Weinstein added.

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