Ahwatukee pet sitter grateful for community support | Business

Ahwatukee resident Tracy Zipai’s business is as much about people as it is about dogs.

She enjoys both.

As she reminisced about the first anniversary of the pet-sitting business she started a year ago in the community she’s called home for more than two decades, Zipay spoke enthusiastically about the people she met.

“We were blown away by all the kindness in this community,” she said. “Firstly, from the trust we have been given by those who hire us to care for their furry family members; and secondly, from the goodwill of those who promote us by nominating, voting and sharing their experiences.

That her dogs bring her so much joy is hard to miss, as anyone can see at facebook.com/yesspet, her business Facebook page.

With a rich history of raising dogs and working with the American Labrador Retriever Kennel Club, she also became Ahwatukee’s first pet sitter certified in fearless pet sitting before starting The Pawsitive Pets Sitter LLC.

The Fear Free pet sitting and treatment philosophy is rooted in exactly what it says: alleviating and preventing anxiety, fear and/or discomfort in cats and dogs.

Dr. Marty Becker, a veterinary behaviorist from Idaho who has been called “America’s Veterinarian,” claims to have invented the concept in the mid-1980s, although there are other clinics and individuals who claim credit. for authors.

Regardless of its origin, Fear Free is a dominant theme in animal care—both in clinics and, when Zipay is involved, in someone’s home and even her own.

“It’s science-based and relies heavily on ongoing education in animal behavior to update the way we care for pets,” Zipay said. “I have seen first hand how it can completely change a pet from pure fear and anxiety to calm acceptance and comfort.”

As for The Pawsitive Pets Sitter, Zipay emphasizes that her mission is to “maintain that goodwill and trust” she’s earned in Ahwatukee by “providing the best pet care possible” and offering “several services, which are not easily accessible by other caretakers’.

She further noted, “We provide the added benefit of pet enrichment.”

Among these services are fostering pets in the owners’ home for durations ranging from daily visits that include playtime to overnight stays and even extended stays. She offers special puppy sitting and even brings a dog into her home if the client has a special need.

Zipay started her business after what she calls an apprenticeship with Kate McPike, another pet sitter from Ahwatukee, who eventually rebranded her business K8’s Cats to cater strictly to cats.

“Kate is not part of my business, but we are unofficial ‘partners,'” Zipay explained. “I refer clients with only cats to her, and she sends me the ‘mixed’ clients she gets – dogs and cats. Kate is an invaluable resource to me, but she is my mentor and helps me immeasurably. Her cat-only business also goes gangster.

In the past year, Zipey expanded her services to Chandler as her daughter Taylor joined her in the business.

In addition to offering the same services in Chandler that her mother offers in Ahwatukee, Taylor is also perfecting a pet treat that will soon be available through the company’s website.

Taylor went to Horizon Honors from kindergarten until her sophomore year, when she transferred to Desert Vista mainly because of the science programs, Zipay said.

She earned a full travel scholarship to Barrett College, The Honors College of Arizona State University and graduated with honors in 2017 with a BA in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology and a minor in Chemistry.

“Her scientific mindset, along with her compassion, give her a unique approach to working with our anxious and fearful clients,” Zipay said, citing her family’s lifelong pet ownership and fostering for the Humane Society.

Taylor added, “I have so much fun determining which toys and games each of our customers will enjoy the most, and it’s so inspiring to see them engage on a different level.”

It’s also not a one-way street when it comes to The Pawsitive Pets Sitter and the community.

For all the support Zipay says she receives from the community, her business also gives back.

“We sponsor activities and events when we can, such as the Ahwatukee Easter Parade/Spring Fling, and contribute to various pet-related causes. We have been given so much, we want to give it back.”

To learn more about The Pawsitive Pets sitter, check out yesspet.com.

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