Ahwatukee ‘s long – time chef founded a catering company Business

Since graduating from college in 2001, Jamie Oman of Ahwatukee has been in the food business in her community, from working at her parents’ pretzel shop to running Caffé Boa on Elliot Road.

Now she does the same as the owner of her own company.

In March, she launched Family Table Catering, which offers gourmet cooking boards, full-service catering, evening parties and home cooking classes.

“I learned so much from my old boss, Scott [Rennard, of Caffé Boa], for catering, “said Oman, who worked for him for 10 years until he sold the restaurant in 2021. I fell in love with catering. I loved having parties. ” She added: “I feel that this is my vocation; that’s what I want to do. “

Oman’s custom-made sausage boxes and boards, worthy of Instagram, can include a combination of meat, cheese, fruit, nuts, bread, biscuits and home-made treats such as quiche or chocolate crust. For one board, she made different types of popcorn for a movie night theme.

“I make everything in my kitchen with fresh ingredients, with a lot of love,” Oman said. Not only that, she uses products such as herbs and tomatoes from her own garden.

Small boxes start at $ 75 and there is no delivery fee to Ahuatuki residents, although there is a small fee elsewhere in the valley.

“I can put them on your island or table in your house,” Oman explained. That involves a lot of creativity.

Thanks to word of mouth and social media, Oman is also busy hosting home dinners and full catering for special events, from birthdays and diplomas to backyard weddings.

“A new thing that has appeared this month is bachelorette parties,” she said.

With rising restaurant prices, Oman will also start home cooking lessons with simple recipes that people can repeat. She also plans to organize private pop-up dinners with wine couples.

Client Eric Kelly of Ahwatukee has followed Oman throughout his career and has hired for a number of personal and professional events. He bought everything from sausage boards to hearty Italian dishes.

“I thought she was so talented

a culinary artist, really, ”he said,“ and she had such a great vision and was proud not only of the quality of her food, but also of the experience she created for people. ”

Kelly added: “I think you can taste love in her food.

Interested in cooking since she was a child, Oman remembers helping her mother in the kitchen, “cutting, stirring, making fresh pasta.”

Although Italian food is still its strong point, Oman is trained at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute and can competently deliver requests ranging from barbecue to taco.

And she still uses the same recipes for lasagna, bolognese, meatballs and other favorites that customers have enjoyed for years, saying, “These recipes date back to my grandmother.”

Despite his passion for food, Oman received a bachelor’s degree with the intention of becoming a teacher.

But when her parents, Richie and MaryAn Laser, opened Beyond Bagels at Lakeside Plaza on East Chandler Boulevard near South 40th Street in the early 2000s, Oman began working there, “literally sweeping floors and washing dishes,” she recalls. you are her.

The lasers eventually turned Beyond Bagels into a restaurant called That Italian Place, and Oman began cooking. She stayed after it was sold to a new owner and worked there until it closed.

The name Family Table Catering comes from the roots of Oman. “Every good memory I have was sitting around my family table with my parents and my siblings and my aunts, uncles and grandparents,” she said.

And this new endeavor gives her the flexibility to continue this legacy. “Working in restaurants involves long hours and late nights,” Oman said, and with this business, “I’m kind of giving back to my family, which is great,” she said.

Information: 480-277-3187 or [email protected]

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