Alex Lieberman’s Bright West Entertainment kicks off at Tribeca

Producer and entrepreneur Alex Lieberman has launched Bright West Entertainment, a new film financing and production company with a special focus on maintaining documentary content.

The company is making a lot of noise this month. Three of his next feature-length documentaries – “On the Line: The Story of Richard Williams”, “Theme” and “Rudy!” A Documusical “- the world premiere of the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022 is expected, which starts on Wednesday.

“I’m focused on funding interesting stories and I’m trying to serve as a catalyst to help get projects done,” says Lieberman. Diversity. “I don’t have a filter for a brand or a certain type of story that I’m interested in creating. It’s not original to say that, but I love human stories. “

Directors who have worked with Lieberman say he is committed to giving them the resources they need to complete their projects, and praise him for understanding the difficult path that non-feature films often have to travel before they can be completed.

“I call him the football mother of documentaries,” said Camilla Hall, one of the creators of the film behind Subject. “He is the man who puts the extra hand sanitizer in his bag. He is there to help if there is a problem or crisis. “

“Rudy! Documusical producer Ross Dienerstein added: “Alex is such a smart person and he is committed to the needs of the producers. Making documentaries on your own is difficult, and Alex fully understands the unpredictability that goes with the territory and rolls with the blows. ”

All three editions of Tribeca hope to reach deals for distribution outside the festival. There’s “On the Line,” which Bright West backed and which includes a first-hand story by Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, as he traces his family’s journey from the Compton courts to the top of the tennis world. The film is directed by Stuart McClave and produced by Chavoita LeSane, who is Williams’ son.

Then there’s Subject, the new Lady & Bird film, the same film and production team behind Rita Baghdadi’s Sirens, which Lieberman also helped fund. He explores the transformative experience of sharing life on screen, looking at themes from five previous documentaries.

And perhaps the most destructive form is “Rudy! Documentary. “Directed by Jed Rothstein (” WeWork: Or Creating and Breaking a Unicorn for $ 47 Billion “) and produced by Campfire Studios at Dinerstein and Forbes Entertainment. It focuses on the controversial life and career of the American politician, lawyer and an adviser to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, who has been a public figure for more than five decades, but dotted with this saga of ups and downs, musical performances by Broadway actors have been staged.

In addition to the Tribeca premieres, Bright West has upcoming projects with production companies such as Soledad O’Brien Productions, Film45 and numerous films with Campfire Studios, as well as feature documentaries by directors including Christopher Charles Scott (“Class Action Park”). Patrick Conway (“Black and Missing”), Jesse Dieter (“The Inventor: In Search of Blood in Silicon Valley”) and Steven Robillard (“Otolengs and Cakes of Versailles”), among others.

“From an investment point of view, I don’t have a specific range,” Lieberman said. “It’s all about giving the filmmakers the support they need. Sometimes it’s a $ 50,000 completion, and sometimes it’s fully funding a film for well over $ 1 million. The goal is to help artists stop worrying about fundraising. “

Bright West Entertainment has also become an official partner and sponsor of the Director’s Solidarity Fund at the Camden International Film Festival, an initiative launched by CIFF in 2020 to compensate festival-based directors for both feature and short films. In previous years, Camden offered a percentage of the festival’s virtual box office, but Bright West’s partnership for the fund for 2022 ensures that all this year’s directors will receive payment when invited to the festival. The fund aims to make the festival process easier and less stressful for participants by easing any financial burdens that might otherwise prevent them from exhibiting their work.

Prior to launching Bright West, Lieberman led the West Coast development for Optomen Productions. He previously worked in off-screen development at MGM and Stick Figure Productions.

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