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Allaire Health Services (Allaire Healthcare Group) recently issued a press release confirming a data breach after an unauthorized person gained access to the company’s computer network and sensitive user data contained in the network. According to Allaire, the violation led to the names Social security numbers and protected health information of certain patients who have been compromised. Allaire initially provided notice of the breach on 18 May 2022. The company subsequently sent letters of breach to all parties concerned.

If you have received a data breach notification, it is important that you understand what is at risk and what you can do about it. To learn more about how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft and what your legal options are after a data breach by Allaire Healthcare Group, please see our recent article on the subject here.

What do we know about the Allaire Healthcare Group data breach

According to a press release from Allaire Health Services, on November 25, 2021, the company for the first time identified suspicious activity related to an employee’s email account. In response, Allaire defended the email account and launched an investigation into the incident with the help of cybersecurity experts. This investigation confirmed that an unauthorized person had access to the employee’s email account and all attachments between November 10, 2021 and November 24, 2021.

Allaire Healthcare Group later learned that the files available to an unauthorized party contained sensitive patient information. Although the information violated varies from person to person, it may include your first and last name, social security number, unique customer identification number issued by Allaire, driver’s license number, passport number, financial account number, payment card information , information on medical history, treatment or diagnosis, prescription information and / or health insurance information.

On May 18, 2022, the Allaire Healthcare Group sent data breaches to all individuals whose information had been compromised as a result of a recent data security incident.

More information about Allaire Health Services

Allaire Health Services, also known as the Allaire Healthcare Group, is a provider of health and nursing care services to those in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Allaire Healthcare Group operates five facilities, including Allaire Rehab and Nursing, Morris View Healthcare Center, Grandview Nursing and Rehabilitation, Morristown Post Acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, and the Center for Life and Rehabilitation. Allaire Healthcare Group employs more than 170 people in all locations and generates approximately $ 15 million in annual revenue.

How to deal with data breaches to reduce the risk of identity theft

Allaire stated that it sends letters with notifications of data breaches to affected users. In these letters, the company will provide you with a list of your information that has been compromised in the recent breach. If you receive a data breach notification from Allaire, it means that a hacker or cybercriminal may have had access to your personal data. How they intend to use this information, anyone can guess; however, given the risk of identity theft and other types of fraud that follow a data breach, it is important to remain vigilant.

Here are some steps you can take after a data breach to reduce your risk of identity theft or other fraud:

1.) Carefully read again Allaire’s letter “Data Infringement Notice”, taking into account the date on which you provided your information to the company and the type of data that was compromised in the breach. Unless the company made a mistake, the fact that you received a letter means that your information was among the leaks during the breach.

2.) Once you determine what information has been affected, the next step is to take corrective action to prevent any fraud in your accounts. In particular, Allaire’s infringement compromises sensitive information, such as social security numbers, bank account numbers and payment card information. These types of data are easily used by hackers to steal your identity. This way, changing all passwords and security issues is the minimum you need to do. You should also set up multi-factor authentication and consider adding a fraud alert to your credit account.

3.) Allaire offers free monitoring and protection services to anyone affected by the infringement. This is not a trick and you do not lose any of your rights to sue the company by signing up for free credit monitoring.

4.) Adding a credit freeze to your credit profile adds an extra defense attorney. Freezing a credit is different from a fraud alert in that it prevents any access to your credit report unless you explicitly authorize it. Freezing credits is free and remains in effect until you remove them. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), adding a credit freeze is “the only most effective way to prevent a new credit / financial account from being opened”.

5.) Ensuring that you are protected – and stay protected – after a data breach requires constant effort. To ensure that your accounts remain fraudulent, you must constantly monitor your credit report and all financial accounts. When viewing your accounts, watch out for signs of unauthorized activity or fraud.

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