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MIAMI, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Apertura is pleased to announce a recent minority investment from Ventura, a Bogota-based single-family office and owner of Latin American staffing company Listos. Managed in the United States and staffed in Latin America, Apertura is the region’s only bilingual financial analysis and investment banking service supporting investors in the United States and Canada with expert outsourcing solutions for investment banks, private equity funds, and venture capital startups firms for middle market companies, family offices and SPACs.

“Partnering with Ventura and Listos will create the largest skilled workforce in Latin America and continue to export this talent to the United States, Canada and Europe.” This investment will allow us to rapidly expand into other verticals such as engineering, planning and architecture and cyber security,” said Stephen Marks, managing partner of Emmersion Capital, the majority owner of Apertura (formerly InvestBPO).

“Apertura will be a great opportunity for the best bilingual talents in Latin America to get closer to their dreams; while impacting developed markets with its great quality and work capacity,” said Juan Fernando Jimenez, Ventura Senior Partner.

With economic and political uncertainty in the region, Apertura’s partnership with Listos will provide a workforce of thousands of highly skilled professionals in Latin America with job benefits that their country cannot offer them. While in the United States, mid-market companies and investment firms facing the burden of the Great Resignation benefit from ready-made US-based contracting solutions for quality skilled labor in Central and South America.

“Employers are finding it difficult to retain and recruit talent with the Great Resignation, leaving organizations strained. An off-the-shelf solution like Apertura is a valuable asset in helping businesses solve talent shortages and overcome skills shortages,” said Meng H. Kang, Apertura Partner.

About Aperture

Based in the United States and managed by an experienced team of senior analysts from North America, Apertura provides solutions for the outsourcing of skilled labor from Latin America in the sector of financial analysis, investment banking, engineering, architecture, planning and cyber security services.

About Ventura

Ventura is a single-family office comprised of entrepreneurs and business experts with more than 50 years of experience. Through regional coverage in Latin America from our network of companies, Ventura provides our invested projects with a wide range of contacts, first-hand experience in more than 17 countries, knowledge and strategy. In addition, Ventura is committed to working with founders and general managers to help them grow and create successful and profitable businesses.

About Emmersion Capital

Investing in lower mid-market and complementary early-stage companies in the US and Latin America, Emmersion Capital partners with companies with a solid domestic competitive position and a proven business model that can be successfully replicated in other countries in the region to US application preferred.

For general inquiries regarding the Apertura, please contact:

Camila Torres, Opening & InvestBPO LLC

66 W Flager St # 900, Miami, FL 33130, USA

+1-305-204-2914 [email protected]

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Image 1: Apertura and Ventura 2022 partnership

Stephen Marks, Managing Partner, Emmersion Capital and Juan Fernando Jimenez, Managing Partner, Ventura at Listos headquarters in Bogotá.

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