An East Nashville cafe will host a Latte Art Throwdown contest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Hearts Cafe in East Nashville will host a Friday night latte design contest for baristas. It is open to the public.

The contest, called the Latte Art Throwdown, runs from 5 to 8 p.m. and is $10 to enter. Winner takes all and entries for the bracket competition begin at 5:00 p.m

“Latte art is the practice of creating a design from steamed milk in an espresso cup. Usually the result is colorful – like that of a tulip or a rosette. And in this contest, our judges will evaluate designs based on symmetry in a cup, contrast between milk and espresso, and the overall aesthetic of the actual design,” explained Rachel Bush, Sales Supervisor and Account Manager for Good Citizen Coffee.

The contest was Bush’s idea in an effort to connect Nashville’s coffee community.

“I was thinking how do we do this? How to reconnect? How about just getting everyone together and it occurred to me that we could do a Latte Art Throwdown. Since we don’t have our own cafe, we’re just a bakery, I knew we had to work with one of our partners to make this happen,” Bush said. “And we love working with Hearts so much it just flows very naturally.”

Claire Kopsky

Good Citizen Sales Supervisor and Account Manager Rachel Bush

Bush called Hearts owner Kate Ross to see if her cafe could host the event.

“There’s going to be, you know, 30 contestants, which is going to be fun,” Ross said. “And it’s going to be great. You know, I mean we meet people every day here, but people come together in one place, like meeting fellow baristas and coffee shop owners, the sponsors that are involved. It’s just going to be a good time.”

The Latte Art Throwdown will judge barista designs based on symmetry in the cup, contrast between milk and espresso, and overall design aesthetics.

“It’s part of what they do. There are so many different elements to making a cup of coffee that people forget because, you know, it’s something you order, drink every day. And I don’t think it’s really thought of as what actually goes into it,” Ross explained. “It’s like cooking a great meal, you know? So this is the espresso, it gets the proper pour. Steams the milk properly. And they go above and beyond by making it look beautiful for you too. Because presentation is really important in coffee, as in everything else. And it’s a skill that people really put a lot into it.”


Claire Kopsky

Hearts owner Kate Ross

Hearts’ Coffee manager Adam Stutsman, who plans to enter the competition, said there are many designs to choose from.

“The simplest is a simple heart, which is just to make a small spot of this poster and it becomes a nice heart. But one thing I do is a tulip, which is just piles and piles and piles and then kind of curls on its own,” Stutsman explained. “Then you can do a rosette; swan i would like to learn! Which is just make a wing and then make a neck and it looks like a swan.”


Claire Kopsky

The first Latte Art Throwdown is set for July 15th from 5-8pm at Hearts in East Nashville.

“Anyone can come to this event. It will be even if you have never set foot in a coffee shop before knowing something about making a latte, what is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. It doesn’t matter .. Just come have fun and hang out. Check out some cool, cool designs,” Stutsman said.

The Latte Art Throwdown is said to be an indoor/outdoor family event complete with food and cocktails.

Hearts is located at 914 Gallatin Ave.


Claire Kopsky

The Latte Art Throwdown will judge barista designs based on symmetry in the cup, contrast between milk and espresso, and overall design aesthetics.

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