Antonio Daniels talks about the future of coaches, running camps

The list of people associated with hosting New Orleans Pelicans summer camps deserves recognition. Dyson Daniels and EJ Liddell visited the Rosenwald Recreation Center in New Orleans after their introductory press conference. Zion Williamson’s New Orleans YMCA camp just ended, Willie Hernangomez is representing the team at European camps, and New Orleans broadcaster Antonio Daniels is passing his love of the game on to San Antonio kids through the Daniels Family Foundation.

Daniels told Pelicans Scoop that he hopes to join the roster of local New Orleans camps soon. The former New Orleans Hornet said in various parts of the interview, “I love New Orleans” and “we couldn’t afford to go to camps as a kid.” That’s why he wants to bring this affordable one-week program to the Crescent City.

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