Anything is possible at the new This Is What I Love art exhibit in New Bedford

I often approach non-themed group art shows with a bit of familiar trepidation. Unthemed is too often translated as unattached.

Without a common motif to provide an overarching structure, an anything-goes aesthetic can result in exhibitions that are messy and disjointed potpourri of so-so.

Of course, this can happen even when a show has a cohesive and solid theme if the curator fails to maintain adherence to a particular motif.

“That’s what I love,” a 19-person exhibit eased my concerns. It’s curated by Little Compton, Rhode Island artist Mark Glaicher, who has put together something that’s “off-topic,” but not in the usual way.

Instead, it revolves around a sweet, simple and self-indulgent conceit: it’s a job he loves.

He admits some admiration for the work of each of the artists he has chosen, noting that he sought to “bring together a diverse group of artists often associated with a particular style, city or clique through a casual mix designed to excite and unite.” “

Exhibited in the alternative gallery space at Groundworks, a shared co-working facility in New Bedford, “What I Love” succeeds because Gleicher has a keen eye and expansive appetite for the visual arts, mixing and matching styles that, brought together in the space, become something of a lively party.

Lady with Vinok by Janie Kinnane is part of

There are silent interlocutors in the corners. There are a few flirts, philosophers and fashionistas, and a loner or two, all waiting for the DJ to drop the needle.

And there is much delight for the eyes.

Among the cutest is “Three Barts Mooning with Deer” by Tom Deininger, a large painting with colors that range from a Necco Wafer palette to the vivid teal silhouette of an upside-down deer.

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