APS Ltd. Uses Blockchain technology to revolutionize its payment business by BTC counterparts

APS Ltd. Uses Blockchain technology to revolutionize its payment business

Since the advent of blockchain technology, it has revolutionized and destroyed many industries, including the fintech ecosystem. Technology goes beyond the creation of cryptocurrencies, as the smart contract feature is used to originate documents, establish ownership of digital and physical assets, and mitigate fraud.

Today we have many fintech payment systems that use blockchain to offer efficient cross-border payments. One of these blockchain-powered companies is APS Ltd. Here at APS Ltd., we believe that in order to manage the blockchain, a comprehensive and equitable financial future is the technology to embrace the concept of sustainability. With APS Ltd.’s blockchain-driven ecosystem, you can seamlessly connect financial systems together for optimum performance.

About APS LTD.

APS Ltd. is a blockchain-based technology company that offers turnkey payment solutions in 50+ countries. At APS Ltd., we use our next-generation integrated platform for payment types such as trading services (e-commerce, licensed currency, cryptocurrency and games), payment systems (SEPA / SWIFT bank transfers) and liquidity in hard and soft currencies & settlement services.

APS Ltd.’s cross-border payment ecosystem is designed with multiple payment solutions to help you expand your business. Sustainability is an integral part of the overall functionality of the technology company APS Ltd. Problems related to the fintech industry below:

Too many bottlenecks

Before you can successfully run a fintech business, some product chains, processes, and regulatory and legal adjustments are indispensable. All this is combined to make the industry quite difficult to succeed.

Centralized and outdated approach

The centralized and outdated approaches we are currently testing in the industry have done serious damage. This has complicated the way financial institutions have access to key banking products.

High operating costs

To ensure that your product is profitable, you need to manage multiple payment gateways. In addition, you will need to maintain a constant cash flow.

APS LTD. Blockchain solutions

As a blockchain-based fintech payment ecosystem, APS Ltd. provides efficient, secure and transparent transactions with its settlement management solutions. Generally speaking, we offer:

  • Comprehensive turnkey cross-border payment system
  • Modern and appropriate basic infrastructure for payment and settlement
  • Omnichannel, reliable and affordable processing and payment solutions for your business.

With the importance of sustainability in the blockchain, APS Ltd. integrates the Stellar consensus protocol. The protocol is a low-energy consensus mechanism for proving consent (PoA).


Business services are expanding worldwide. That is why the most popular solutions for local payments are in great demand.

APS Ltd. conducts international business and covers the most popular payment methods in Eurasia, Southeast Asia, LATAM and other regions.

The corporate payment products of APS Ltd. follow the same international presence. Build rails for SWIFT, SEPA payments and access to global multi-currency liquidity.

Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd. is authorized and supervised by the Financial Regulator of the AIFC, Astana Financial Services Authority (“AFSA”), to carry out the activity (s) of providing monetary services under license № AFSA-G-LA-2021-0017, headquartered in Kazakhstan, Nur -Sultan, Yesil district, Mangilik Yale Avenue, building 55/20, offices: 347-348, postal code Z05T3D0.

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