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A shared love of music is what first created this website; it’s what keeps us going out every weekend and that’s why you’re here reading this article. But while music is such a driving force for all of us, it’s not always the only thing that sticks in our memories when we return home.

From intricate lighting designs to colorful banners and fabrics, creative sculptures and interactive installations, physical art has become a cornerstone of how many of us enjoy our time at concerts and festivals. So what better way to get away from the music and the crowds than to get lost in the vibrant scenery around the stages?

For his inaugural year, Heatwave Festival strives to fuse the auditory and the physical into a truly unique, mesmerizing experience. Heatwave will welcome a full range of visual artists and creative sets, all of whom will help showcase performance art and dance music as one. It takes place on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 in Chicago Douglas ParkHeatwave is sure to offer an interactive adventure to anyone who steps through its gates.

Your EDM had the pleasure of hearing from some of the artists playing the festival who their favorite visual artists are and what installation they’ve enjoyed at the countless festivals and events they’ve had the pleasure of attending. Here are their answers.

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Win & Woo (Visual Artist)

“The art of lefties is so unique to us. It looks kind of simple and chaotic when you first see it. Then looking at it further, there is such a precise technique and balance to it. It’s really beautiful. We love that he came out of Chicago just like us; because we also know as artists that where you come from can influence your art and I think that shows in his as well.”

Instagram: Leftyouthere

Canabliss (installation/visual artist)

“I’ve seen a lot of amazing art installations and visual artists, but something that really stood out to me over the years was the creations at a festival close to home called the Harvest Festival located at Castle Midlothian, Berks Falls, Ontario.

This mind-blowing place was built by a very talented artist/sculptor named Peter Camani who created a breathtaking castle accompanied by a 300 acre sculpture garden called the ‘Screaming Heads’. There are over 100 of these 20 foot tall sculptures scattered around the property, it’s absolutely magical and unlike anything I’ve ever seen!”

Rome in Silver (Visual Artist)

“Diego Rodriguez aka Paranoid Me (@paranoidmeart) is one of my favorite visual artists and has been for some time. He is the creative force behind all my works. I love his use of shapes and unique patterns. Everything he does is extremely effective. His art is absolutely mesmerizing and I am happy to call him a friend and collaborator.”

Instagram: Paranoidmeart

Rossi (installation/visual artists)

“Robert Bose – Coachella is the first festival I went to in 2013. The balloons he created that are there every year remind me of the first time I walked the Polo Fields and fell in love. They’re also so cool and unique to Coachella, which makes it special.”

“Papilio Merraculous – He creates very large art installations. My favorite is when he did the caterpillar that turned into a butterfly at Coachella. Art like this feels so much larger than life to me, and it’s so compelling—so beautiful to see.”

Visual artists
“Jonathan Zavada – I fell in love with his work when the Flume mixtape renderer dropped (that’s how I discovered it). This visualizer is so creative and is truly a masterpiece. Other than that, all of his other work is absolutely remarkable. Instagram

“Es Devlin – She has created some of the most iconic and amazing stage designs for some of the biggest artists, and beyond that, very impactful art in different cities around the world. Her innovative thought and detail in the things she creates is mind-blowing.” Instagram

Loud Luxury (Visual Artist)

“Def Alec Monopoly. He invented a genre that people still obsessively copy to this day. It’s super inspiring for us and the same effect we try to have in our music.”

Instagram: Alecmonopoly

With the festival only a week away, it’s time to grab those last minute tickets on the Heatwave website.

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