Art Hub opens as part of Summer Moon Festival (5 photos)

The Art Center in Spring, located at 504 Queen St. E., is open until 20:00 for art lovers and Sault tourists throughout this week, as the Summer Moon Festival runs from 21 June to 25 June.

Hub already has a soft start with an official opening soon, said Marnie Stone, who along with Adrian Villaca serves as Hub’s co-gallery owner.

Hub has 10 studio spaces for artists to be creative, in addition to the gallery space itself.

Stone said Hub offers a new space for local artists to paint, sketch and sew, and includes a coffee and lunch area where artists can mix.

The Hub art show this week is part of the activities of the Summer Moon Festival in Sault Ste. Marie, who also includes local and national artists creating murals in various locations in the city center.

The festival has created artistic noise in the community, its organizers say.

“I think it was phenomenal. We partner with as many multicultural communities as possible. We had online support on our social media platforms. “People look at these murals like crazy, and I think that’s one more thing to make our community beautiful,” said Josh Ingram of Tourism Sault Ste. Marie speaking to SooToday when the festival kicked off on Tuesday.

The festival stems from the Community Art Project, which began with pop-up murals around the city, but now – after the blockade of COVID is over – the Summer Moon Festival includes not only more murals, but also programs in which people can participate.

“Technically, this is our fourth year, but we’re talking about it as the first year with a festival part, because we actually have things that people can attend and enjoy along with putting up the murals,” Ingram said.

The mural projects that are underway as part of the festival this week include:

  • Jean Paul Langlois’ work at Elk’s Lodge (sponsored by YNCU)
  • Kayla “Milkbox” Buium in the Salvation Army (sponsored by Algoma University)
  • The new work of local artist Katrina Thibodeau in Paint and Décor Concepts (sponsored by OLG) and Peace Restaurant (sponsored by Village Media and Algoma University)

The festival also includes two days of seminars on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at The Loft, located in the Algoma Conservatory of Music building.

The seminars, Ingram said, include guidelines on how to promote yourself as an artist, as well as an introduction to podcasting and post-production, how to write a screenplay and a demonstration of the songwriting process by local musician Jay Case.

Other activities at the Summer Moon Festival include:

  • Stories Steeped in Stone and Theater In Motion continue their series at the Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Site on June 23, featuring performers Tracy Lutit, Teresa Binda and Christine DeAmorim in three separate performances.
  • The Art X Revive exhibition at Rolling Pictures, located at 498 Queen St. E. on June 24 to see an exhibition curated by Andrea Pineiro, Annie King and Desiree Watson.
  • The first local open market at the Summer Moon Festival outside the Mill Market from 9:00 to 16:00 on June 25. Starting at 18:00, Juno winner and Polaris Music Prize SHAD nominee, Juno nominated Snotty Nose Rez Kids, and Skratch Bastid will perform for free on the YNCU stage at Mill Market.

The Summer Moon Festival, an annual event, is sponsored by the YNCU and the Ontario Arts Council and is organized by the Indigenous Friendship Center, the Center Association and the City of Salt St. Marie to support tourism, economic diversity and the development of the arts sector in the region.

More information about the festival can be found online, on Facebook and Instagram.

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