ASJ Forex Global received the second strategic investment from JPMorgan

Hong Kong — ASJ Forex Global, one of the world’s leading providers of one-stop forex trading solutions, today announced a strategic triple-review equity investment from JPMorgan Chase (JPM).

Not disclosed in terms of acquisition. This new round of investment demonstrates that the global asset management industry has recognized ASJ Forex Global in fintech and investment, expanding ASJ Global’s potential to provide investors with a complete solution in forex trading services.

This investment strengthens the strategic partnership between JP Morgan and ASJ Forex Global, including its FX trading, securities solutions and futures businesses. Also, comprehensive solutions from money management providers highlight JPMorgan’s continued focus on the foreign exchange sector of the industry.

“ASJ appreciates the confidence demonstrated by this investment. ASJ and JP Morgan have worked together for many years to bring joint solutions to the global market. As a one-stop shop leader in forex, securities and futures products, we have always valued every opportunity to apply fintech to the financial industry, providing simplified investment processes to global investors and driving efficiency and innovation through cutting-edge technology.” Jourdan Asrin, CEO of ASJ Forex Global.

With the rapid development of fintech, the impact of the pandemic has not prevented ASJ from deploying long-term growth strategies. ASJ Forex Global experienced a period of rapid growth. In 2021, there was a threefold increase in trading volume at ASJ, and the global investment team expanded by about 40%, among which there are over 10% team leaders with more than ten years of experience in the financial industry. As the company continues to expand globally, it has diversified its customer services into multiple languages, providing 24/7 customer support. ASJ will further enhance its product research and development or asset allocation capabilities with the addition of investment from JP Morgan, an internationally renowned asset management firm.

Synergy to reach the top of the industry

The two top-level financial institutions will carry out in-depth cooperation in fund review, fund custody and product research and development, improving and strengthening the quality of both sides’ products and services, ensuring the safety and transparency of funds, and joint research potential. In the conditions of globalization, this is undoubtedly an indispensable step for the development of enterprises in the industry.

“The global demand for foreign exchange trading is increasing manifold. We are proud to be part of JPMorgan’s strategic investment portfolio. ASJ is always looking to explore more opportunities in the industry and is open to cooperation to maintain high and stable growth.” replied Jourdan Asrin, CEO of ASJ Forex Global Ltd.

Thanks to the trust of strategic capital investors, ASJ Forex Global also announced that 30% of strategic investment funds will be distributed among members and launch a significant eventfrom July 1, 2022 to July 3, 2022.

About ASJ Forex Global

ASJ was founded in 2009. By 2022, ASJ has reached over 6 million active users and we have become a well-known investment broker and industry leader.

ASJ currently employs over 600 professionals with many years of experience in the financial sector.

In December 2021, ASJ acquired MALIKSI, which is authorized and controlled by the United States Treasury and the Financial Transactions Analysis and Reporting Center of Canada. ASJ is one of the important platforms of the global investment group. With the mission to serve customers, expand overseas and achieve the personal value of employees, ASJ actively integrates into the foreign exchange market. Strive to build ASJ into an international enterprise with advanced management, full of innovation and first-class level. Rich in innovation, premium level of global enterprises.

ASJ Forex Global has been listed on the foreign exchange market for many years. It has seven wholly-owned subsidiaries, three holding subsidiaries, two branches and more than 30 overseas branches.

In recent years, we have been actively practicing the “One Belt One Road” initiative, focusing on key markets along the route to build core competitiveness, expand the industrial layout, and strive to transform and upgrade. To provide customers with comprehensive one-stop solutions, create a world-class end-to-end forex trading service provider.

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