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The President and CEO of the stem cell biotechnology company Asymmetrex also has experience in training and research in environmental health science and epidemiology. Cambridge Scholars Publishing recently released an author’s book that critically examines the missing scientific elements in the social sciences, supporting the story of the spread of COVID-19 in the United States.

BOSTON, May 31, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – James L. Shirley, MD, Ph.D. is better known as Harvard and a Hopkins-trained physician, stem cell scientist and biologist, who founded and currently leads Massachusetts stem cell biology company Asymmetrex, LLC. Recently, however, he has practiced his lesser-known experience in epidemiology and public health science.

Shirley was a senior professor of environmental research and epidemiology taught to students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1998-2007 IN Shis research includes collaborative studies examining asthma and other respiratory diseases Massachusetts populations, including Boston and Springfield, Massachusetts. Shirley ‘s graduate training was in the well – known Molecular Virology Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. As a medical student at Hopkins, he completed his intensive care training in pulmonary medicine. Shirley said: “This background, as well as my early exposure to the principles of the epidemiology of cancer as a new principal investigator at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphiamade me quickly realize that some very important principles and practices are missing in the science of COVID that I have heard and read about. “

As noted in his new book, Missing Elements in Social Science in Support of the Story of the Distribution of COVID-19 in the United States, Shirley initially wrote and presented a research report outlining his fears of analyzing scientific data. After being rejected for review by 10 scientific journals, this report still stands as an unreviewed publication in MedRxiv. He then turned to publications and letters to the editor of his local newspaper, The Boston Globe, and met with a similar dumb response. After several personal posts about his public concerns on LinkedIn, he decided that the book was the only option left.

The book, written by Shirley, has the stated purpose of making it available to non-scientists. However, the problems he identified in the science of COVID in the United States will also attract the attention of scientists and health professionals. Shirley says he wrote it for his family and non-scholarly friends, and for the many Americans who experience COVID in similar ways, for elected and appointed government officials who set COVID’s response policies for the United States, and for members to the media, which report on both science and politics.

Missing Elements … is a short read of 105 pages. Shirley says reading it will fill several important gaps in current COVID science in the United States that will rearrange the way Americans think and manage COVID. If you ask Shirley what the new stem cell book has to do with it, he smiles. “Whether you’re talking about stem cell science or COVID science, maintaining the highest level of scientific and ethical integrity is paramount.”

About Asymmetrex

Asymmetrex, LLC is a Massachusetts a life sciences company with a focus on developing technologies to improve stem cell medicine. The company’s patent portfolio in the United States and the United Kingdom contains biotechnology that addresses two major technical issues – specific stem cell quantification and stem cell expansion – that have stood in the way of more efficient use of human adult stem cells for regenerative medicine. and drug development. Asymmetrex offers Kinetic Stem Cell Counting (KSC), the first technology to determine the dose and quality of tissue stem cell preparations for use in stem cell transplantation medicine and preclinical drug evaluations. Asymmetrex is a member company of the Institute for Advanced Regenerative Production BioFabUSA (ARMI) and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio).

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