Awe and the science behind the spectacular

The next morning we mounted our horses a good hour and a half before dawn, hauled them for an hour and had a really long morning in the saddle rounding up over 40 bulls. Luckily it was drizzling, overcast and significantly cooler than usual.

The bulls were scattered and uncooperative at all once we found them. They deviated at every opportunity, constantly trying to hide in the bushes, some even choosing to climb straight up the slopes of rocky mountains instead of walking straight on flat ground. I know if the temperatures had soared it would have been a really grueling, frustrating day fighting the bulls next to the pens. But my sense of awe at the vast landscape, the misty rain, the cool weather, the beautiful sunrise, and riding my horse put me in a good place to help round up the pasture for less-than-cooperative bulls.

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