Baldwin Technology partners with Fi-Tech to bring its textile and nonwoven finishing technologies to North America

Baldwin’s Rick Stanford (left) and Fi-Tech’s Ian Mills.

Contactless precision spraying systems are designed to save time, money and valuable resources

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, USA — To provide exceptional service amid the growing demand for sustainable solutions, Fi-Tech Inc. will represent Baldwin Technology Co.’s complete textile and nonwoven product lines. Inc. as its sales agent in the US and Canada. The new partnership is effective immediately.

Baldwin solutions enable fabric manufacturers to significantly reduce chemical, water, gas and energy consumption while increasing productivity. Contactless technology makes it possible to eliminate entire steps of the textile production process, such as drying and bath changes, required when switching between fabric colors to avoid color contamination.

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Fi-Tech is established as a leading agency and distributor for textile and nonwoven machinery. Its initial focus was on synthetic fibers and nonwovens and has since expanded its portfolio to represent manufacturers of complete machines or technical components used in the production of nonwovens, synthetic fibers, polymers, textiles, converting, perforated products and processing tobacco. Fi-Tech also maintains a stock of spare parts for many of the companies it represents.

“With growing demand for Baldwin’s finishing technology, we needed to find the right partner to drive sales in the U.S. and Canadian markets for knits, wovens and nonwovens,” said Rick Stanford, Baldwin Technology’s vice president of global business development. textile. “Fi-Tech of Richmond, Virginia is the perfect partner. They are well established in the textile and nonwoven industries and their portfolio of principals provides excellent synergy with Baldwin’s precision spray and plasma processing systems.”

Ian Mills, director of market development at Fi-Tech, said he was convinced the partnership was an opportunity for both parties. “With our extensive networks, we will be able to introduce Baldwin to the leaders in the sustainable production of knitted, woven and nonwoven materials,” said Mills. “We are impressed by Baldwin’s long history and leadership in both technology and the market. Fi-Tech is constantly searching the market for the best suppliers with the best solutions to give our customers the competitive advantages they need to be successful today and in the future.”

Baldwin offers two key precision application solutions for fabric manufacturers: the TexCoat G4, which offers single- or double-sided application of chemicals such as fabric softeners, antimicrobial agents, persistent water repellents and more to textiles, and the TexMoister G2, which offers single- or double- strange application of water on fabrics. Both systems use contactless spray technology with a precision valve.

Baldwin Precision Spray allows for either light spot coverage on lightweight fabrics or deep penetration on heavy fabrics in a manner that reduces chemical and/or water consumption by 50% or more compared to traditional lining methods. Contactless technology eliminates the chemical waste associated with changing pads.

Baldwin also provides Rotor Spray technology, which uses rotating discs to achieve an even spray. Rotor Spray meets the requirements for very precise, low level application often required in nonwoven applications.

In addition, Baldwin offers the most efficient corona/plasma treatment systems on the market with high efficiency electrodes, providing effective surface treatment for improved dyeing, coating and adhesion on a variety of textile materials. The slim design allows for easy integration and retrofitting into existing production lines, and our features allow for quick and easy service.

Baldwin’s solutions are used in a wide variety of fabrics from basic jersey and fleece with softening and antimicrobial coatings to technical fabrics such as outdoor equipment, military, upholstery, automotive and industrial fabrics using the latest technical coatings such as DWR, soil release, retarders of combustion and insect repellents among others.

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