Banma Suhe Co-construction and Sharing “Shanghai Suzhou River Urban Public Art Collection Activity” begins

Shanghai, China, Oct. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Shanghai Suzhou River Public Urban Art Collection” will be officially unveiled on September 23. This event is organized by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the People’s Government of Putuo County and hosted by the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Putuo County. The purpose of this event is to promote the construction of Shanghai as a socialist international cultural metropolis and a world-famous tourism city, and to transform the public space along the Suzhou River into a vehicle for living aesthetics, distinctive culture and sharing among citizens.

The high value of the coast and the high quality of life together make up the new era of Putuo style. The “Shanghai Suzhou River Public Urban Art Collection” is open to art enthusiasts from all over the world and seeks public artworks (including installations, sculptures, landscape miniatures, murals, environmental art, etc.) as well as photography and pictures. The works should be on the theme of red, industrial, Shanghai style and fashion, and should include elements that highlight the Suzhou River and show its cultural heritage. Some of the winning entries will be displayed in the public space along the Putuo section of the Suzhou River in the future, fully demonstrating the theme of “Shore Connection, People Sharing”, building a more beautiful Suzhou River coastline and creating a richer cultural travel experience, thereby creating a higher quality of urban life. The call for entries for this event will close on December 31, 2022.

In recent years, an increasing number of artists have moved away from the confines of museums and art centers and are consciously exploring ways to integrate their artworks into the urban landscape, nature and public events. Entries should be consistent with the current state of the Suzhou River and the surrounding landscape, and be relevant to contemporary spatial design while interpreting the unique culture of the area. The work should express elements related to the Suzhou River, and preferably be creative, aesthetic, interactive and ecological. The work should focus on the riverside area of ​​the Putuo section of the Suzhou River, including the riverside promenade, green parks and public service areas. Content is also required to be provided, including an analysis of the site’s current state, design concept, layout, rendering intent, and material analysis. The selection of materials should focus on low carbon emissions, pollution control and noise reduction (the content of the work, if it includes sound, light and electricity, should meet the requirements of Shanghai Landscape Lighting), it should be like in the daytime, so at night, and should not damage the original scenery or original components.

Photography and painting are the most direct ways in which the public can participate in the creation of urban space. The call for entries calls for photos, single or group, including comparisons of old and new photos, stories told by members of the public, and examples of stories. There is no limit to the form of painting, such as watercolor, gouache, oil painting, cartoons, children’s drawings, etc.

With the gradual connection of the shoreline of the Suzhou River, a series of artistic, cultural and creative landmarks such as the M50 Creative Park, Tian’an Thousand Trees, Chuangxiang Tower, Shanghai Children’s Library and the Suzhou River Industrial Civilization Exhibition Hall are continuously presented, showing the development of Putuo speed. Brand events such as the “Banma Suhe” Cultural Tourism Festival, the MCN Shanghai International Conference and the Live Quality Life Festival and the Shanghai National E-Sports Championship continue to highlight the new heights of Putuo’s cultural construction. Focusing on creating a world-class “urban cultural life and recreation area” in the Suzhou River, the “Crown of the Suzhou River” urban cultural life block, the parent-child art experience area “Left Bank of the Suzhou River”, Zhenru -Caoyang Humanities Performance Exhibition Area and the continuous optimization of the spatial layout of “one belt and four zones” in the Taopu urban ecotourism area have enabled people to share the beautiful fruits of development and construction.

Currently, Putuo District is increasing its efforts to integrate into the construction of Shanghai’s socialist international cultural metropolis and a world-famous tourist city, actively participating in the creation of a world-class “Urban Cultural Life and Recreation Belt” on the Suzhou River and a new and larger contribution to building Putuo as a “vibrant zone for innovative development and quality life”.

Company Name: Putuo Municipal Culture and Tourism Administration

Contact Person: Ms. Sheng

Email: [email protected]

Country: CHINA


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