Battery Expo in Novi will highlight emerging technologies

Novi’s Suburban Collection Showplace will host North America’s largest modern battery event, The Battery Show, September 13-15. // Courtesy of Suburban Collection Showplace

The Battery Show, North America’s largest and most comprehensive event for advanced battery technology, will be held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi from September 13-15.

To date, the Battery Show has had more than 10,000 attendees, from C-suite executives and business leaders to innovative thinkers and engineers.

“This year’s show is particularly special as the industry is undergoing incredible growth, with demand highlighted by the show selling out months before the event,” said Shamara Ray, Event Director of The Battery Show North America.

As the advanced battery market is predicted to continue to grow at a rapid pace amid the global electric race, there is an increased need for peer-to-peer learning and our event provides a rare opportunity to learn from and discuss with the best of the best.

“Leaders from all corners of the industry are working tirelessly to introduce new technologies that will change the world and the way society uses electricity — the Battery Show serves as a global meeting to discuss ideas, develop a roadmap to address the most pressing industry challenges, and discover the latest advanced battery technologies.”

Leading battery-focused exhibitors confirmed so far include 6K Energy, Advanced Battery Concepts, Battery Innovation Center, Bosch Rexroth, Leoch Battery Group, Maccor and more. These pioneers are just a few of the more than 750 vendors confirmed to showcase the most innovative technologies of the future and network and learn from peers.

Selected sessions are detailed below:

Leaders Roundtable – Scaling up Manufacturing: The Rise of the Gigafactory

This session will feature speakers Philippe Couillard, Vice President of Britishvolt Canada; Bob Gallien, Director Emeritus and CTO at NAATBatt International; Jay Bellows, President of Kore Power, and Asim Hussain, CMO at QuantumScape.

Topics of discussion will include capitalizing on government incentives for the EV market, what is the projected demand for EV batteries and whether the planned giga factories can meet it, the role of OEMs in battery manufacturing, building the North American supply chain, the opportunity to achieve CO2 neutrality in battery manufacturing and how evolving battery cell technology will impact manufacturing.

Leaders Roundtable — Building competitive, end-to-end, sustainable battery supply chains

This session will feature speakers Sue Babinec, Grid Storage Program Leader at Argonne National Laboratory; Ben Wrightsman, president and CEO of the Battery Innovation Center; Christina Lampe-Onerud, founder and CEO of Cadenza Innovation; Craig Rigby, Vice President of Technology at Clarios; James Greenberger, founder and CEO of NATTBatt; David Klanecki, CEO of Retriev; and Kurt Kelty, vice president of automotive at Sila Nanotechnologies.

The session will outline the work of the public-private partnership Li-Bridge to develop a US supply chain strategy for lithium-ion battery technology by securing and processing battery raw materials; building relationships and ecosystems that span battery value chains; investing in a local skilled workforce to build competence in design, development and manufacturing; and strengthening research and innovation

Panel – Battery Recycling Creating a Sustainable and Profitable Economy for Recycling Battery Materials in North America

Speakers for this session include Thomas Schaefer, Vice President of Lithium Business Development at Ecobat; Laura Wagner, electric vehicle battery life cycle manager at Ford Motor Co.; Jason Muccioli, e-mobility manager at Li-Cycle; and Megan O’Connor, founder and CEO of Nth Cycle.

Session topics will include evaluating current recycling technologies in terms of recovery, efficiency and energy use; when will direct cathode recycling become a viable application; what proportion of the industry’s material needs can be met by recycling materials; what needs to happen to build an effective European recycling infrastructure; who are the key stakeholders and where does the collaboration take place; and whether current global and European regulations can successfully promote recycling and ensure sustainable batteries.

The Battery Show is co-located with the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, the only trade show and conference dedicated exclusively to the propulsion and power system in electric and hybrid vehicles. This year’s edition of the show will feature 150+ speakers and over 72 hours of training.

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