Bengals, Giants climb Collin’s ‘Hierarchy of the Herd’

There was no let-up in the action in Week 7 of the NFL season, with teams determined to get a win as the year went on.

Here’s Colin Cowherd’s Hierarchy of the Herd before Week 8, with insights from FOX Bet.

Hierarchy of the herd: Bengals, Giants climb into Colin’s top 10 teams ahead of Week 8

Colin Cowherd shares his top 10 NFL teams heading into Week 8, including the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants and his Minnesota Vikings climbing the ladder.

10. Baltimore Ravens (Last week: 7)

Overall record: 4-3 | Last week: Ravens won 23-20 vs. Cleveland Browns

Colin’s thoughts: “I won’t bet on them anymore, but there are only two teams in the league that lead every game by more than 10 points: the Eagles and the Ravens. They are the second best team in the league. They lead the NFL with 14 home runs. They do a lot of things that winning teams do. They haven’t played well at the end of games. … It has to end better, but I have the Ravens at 10.”

NFL Title Odds: +1600

It follows: Ravens at Buccaneers (8:15 p.m. ET Thursday, Amazon)

Baltimore Ravens


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


9. San Francisco 49ers (Last week: 5)

Overall record: 3-4 | Last week: The 49ers lost 44-23 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Colin’s thoughts: “No team has fewer triples and strikeouts. They played like crap on Sunday. But, … they have the No. 3 overall defense. Again, their features are excellent, but they are a mess physically. … They get some starters back and McCaffrey will be included in the offense.”

NFL Title Odds: +1600

It follows: 49ers at Rams (4:25 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

San Francisco 49ers


Los Angeles Rams


8. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 8)

Overall record: 5-2 | Last week: The Cowboys won 24-6 against the Detroit Lions

Colin’s thoughts: “Listen, they’re allowing 4.7 yards per play — second-best in the NFL. That has always been, to me, a huge statistic. I don’t want to hear about Dak. That’s all for the defense. They are 29th in total offense. … They’re not very offensively, but at the end of the day, you can win a lot of games in this league with a ferocious, playmaking defense, and that’s what the Cowboys have.”

NFL Title Odds: +1800

It follows: Bears at Cowboys (1 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

Chicago Bears


Dallas Cowboys


7. New York Giants (Last week: 10)

Overall record: 6-1 | Last week: The Giants won 23-17 against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Colin’s thoughts: “They have become the best second-half football team in the league. They are the second best team in the league. They are on a four game winning streak. And Brian Daboll, situationally, has done a remarkable job. They’re not going to blow up a lot of teams. They’re going to win close … but I like what I’m seeing.”

NFL Title Odds: +4000

It follows: Giants at Seahawks (4:25 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

New York Giants


Seattle Seahawks


6. Miami Dolphins (Last week: unranked)

Overall record: 4-3 | Last week: The Dolphins won 16-10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Colin’s thoughts: “I like the Miami Dolphins when Tua is healthy. They are 4-0 this year when Tua is healthy. They are 10-2 in their last 12 games with Tua. Only Buffalo and the Chiefs are better, right? They are number 3 in submission. They have brilliant coaching, great corners, pass rushers, great left tackle, capable running backs, star receivers. When Tua starts, despite his limitations, they win. And they win. And they win. Will he stay right now? Keep your fingers crossed.”

NFL Title Odds: +3500

It follows: Dolphins at Lions (1 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

Miami Dolphins

Ministry of the Interior

Detroit Lions


5. Minnesota Vikings (Last week: 4)

Overall record: 5-1 | Last week: The Vikings won 24-16 vs. Miami Dolphins

Colin’s thoughts: “You know I love me some Vikings. Lower ceiling than Miami because they don’t have some of the playmakers, but their only loss came on the road to Philly. You know exactly what they are. Kirk Cousins ​​received a 98.5 quarterback rating , and he’s just that: he’s a damn good B, sometimes B+, quarterback. … They win a lot of football games. I think they’re the New York Giants with more speed on the perimeter.”

NFL Title Odds: +1600

It follows: Cardinals at Vikings (1 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

Arizona Cardinals


Minnesota Vikings


4. Cincinnati Bengals (Last week: 6)

Overall record: 4-3 | Last week: The Bengals won 35-17 against the Atlanta Falcons

Colin’s thoughts: “You all sold your shares, I bought them. Listen, their three losses are by a combined eight points. Their defense is the most underrated in the league by a mile. They haven’t allowed a second half touchdown all year. It’s crazy in this league. I think they have a great defense, but they don’t have stars, so nobody talks about it.”

It follows: Bengals at Browns (8:15 p.m. ET Monday, ESPN)

Cincinnati Bengals


Cleveland Browns


3. Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 2)

Overall record: 6-0 | Last week: The Eagles won 26-17 against the Dallas Cowboys

Colin’s thoughts: “What do you want me to say? Top five scoring offense, top five scoring defense, they don’t turn it over, they take it away and have 13 rushing touchdowns. I didn’t think Nick Siriani was going to be this good. I didn’t think Jalen Hurts would be this good. But I won’t be stubborn. … The O-line and D-line might be the best combination in the league. I have Philadelphia very well – deservedly at number 3.”

NFL Title Odds: +500

It follows: Steelers at Eagles (1 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

Pittsburgh Steelers


Philadelphia Eagles


2. Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 3)

Overall record: 5-2 | Last week: The Chiefs won 44-23 against the San Francisco 49ers

Colin’s thoughts: “Opposing quarterbacks against the Chiefs this year have a 104 passer rating. … That’s why Josh Allen and Joe Burrow against the Chiefs bother me. I worry about their pass protection. … They’re a great team, brilliant people all around, but they’re prone — with that secondary and pass rush — to lose some close games.”

NFL Title Odds: +650

It follows: Titans at Chiefs (8:20 p.m. ET Sunday, NBC)

1. Buffalo Bills (Last week: 1)

Overall record: 5-1 | Last week: The Bills won 24-20 against the Kansas City Chiefs

Colin’s thoughts: “I think the Bills are the most talented team in the league. The only team to average more than 300 yards passing per game, the most gifted quarterback in the league, averaging 6.6 yards per game. The third attack is fantastic. can play up front, they can play from behind. And they seem to have solved their bug, which was that I didn’t trust them in close games. They solved that problem. Buffalo, No. 1 in the NFL.”

NFL Title Odds: +250

It follows: Packers at Bills (8:20 p.m. ET Sunday, NBC)

Green Bay Packers


Buffalo Bills


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