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When it comes to your workout routine, most people have specific goals in mind. Your workout will ideally help you build muscle, get stronger, keep you toned and provide numerous overall health benefits, including for your heart, lungs and joints. While the physical benefits of regular activity can certainly help you maintain a toned physique, increase your flexibility, and give you an overall more youthful appearance, there are also specific fitness habits that slow down aging. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, keep reading to learn more.


You’ll want to check out the following tips from celebrity trainer and kuudose health expert, Joey Thurman, CES CPT CSCS FNS. Thurman explains to Eat this, not that!, “When it comes to aging, we can’t turn back the clock (yet), but we can slow it down and keep our seconds and years permanently healthy.” It’s true! Not only can you look younger, but you can also slow down aging and feel younger with a few changes to your lifestyle and routine.

“Now you might be expecting me to talk about the craziest exercises, quick fixes and hacks to get fitter and younger, but I’m not,” says Thurman. “Instead, we need to develop healthy and vibrant living habits to move better, feel better and, of course, age gracefully.”

These healthy habits from Thurman will do just that. So let’s learn some new fitness habits that slow down aging. Get ready to awaken that vibrant, youthful feeling!

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“I love music and a good podcast as much as anyone, but going for a walk (preferably outside) does wonders for our physical health, dramatically reducing mortality and helping our mental health by reducing signs of depression by 26%, according to a study,” says Thurman Eat this, not that! He suggests fully embracing the benefits of walking and taking it one step further by unplugging while you do it. Walk alone and take time to reflect on your own thoughts – without any distractions. You’ll benefit from both light exercise and added mental health goodness. It will do wonders for your overall well-being.

To get the most out of your walks, Thurman suggests aiming for a solid 30 minutes of walking each day. If time is an issue, it’s good to break it up into 10-minute walks too!

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While stressing out may not sound like a good idea at first, it turns out that it can be beneficial when it comes to how you train. Thurman explains, “Our mitochondria are the powerhouse for our cells, giving us energy and, of course, helping us stay young at the cellular level. Adding acute stress to the body through short sprint interval training (SIT) to all our efforts helps mitochondrial biogenesis (more mitochondria) in individuals.”

He adds that great ways to get a little extra stress into your exercise are by sprinting, cycling hard, jogging in place or swimming as fast as you can. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to make an effort to create exercise stress. He points out that a study of adults who were inactive revealed that just three repetitions of sprints of 20 seconds each helped increase mitochondria. Try it once a week or even every other week.

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Sleep is so important – even more important than exercise. Thuman explains the importance of getting regular sleep, along with maintaining a consistent bedtime and wake time.

As for how your night’s sleep is directly related to exercise, Thurman explains that getting your Z helps regulate your endocrine system, helps with recovery, and absolutely helps you stay young! It is important to get a good seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

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