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There is now a notorious photo of Bill Gates sitting on huge piles of paper with a CD in his hand. He took this picture due to the fact that it’s something that could potentially show people how much data can be stored on a CD drive, but technology has advanced so fast since then that even this CD is obsolete. Bill Gates started Microsoft 47 years ago and the speed with which technology is advancing is truly amazing.

In 1982, Bill Gates was first interviewed by PC Magazine. Forty years after this important interview, he was asked by the magazine to give some predictions about what the world of technology might look like in forty years. Even then, Gates had a pretty good idea of ​​the impact that personal computers could have on the world, and all things were taken into account and taken into account. Therefore, his forecasts for the next few decades may be predictable.

Given all that has already been said and now deviated from the path, it is important to note that Bill Gates believes that the biggest challenge for technology in the near future is the same challenges that the world is facing. Things like climate change and political radicalization affect everyone, and while technology may not have an easy solution to solve all these problems, it can still play a role if given the chance.

AI in particular seems to be strongly emphasized by Gates, although he also mentioned the importance of learning, innovating and ethically implementing it. He praised Microsoft’s management team for its OpenAI initiative and said more transparency was needed to protect users and allow them to reap the benefits of widespread AI without forcing them to go through some of the disadvantages. related to this. highly advanced form of technology.

Asked how the transition to philanthropy has changed his life, Gates said that while his main focus remains on charity, technology is still a major component of his life. This includes the work he does with his various charities, such as trying to promote the adoption of digital currency, as well as health technologies to help people in poor regions of the world, such as Africa.

Gates also talks about how his philanthropy has helped him break away from the technological fields in which he specializes and learn about things like climate science, biotechnology, and other fields. Much of Gates’ work has focused on finding a cure for HIV, and technology will definitely play a role.

Another thing Gates talked about was the kind of technology he used. Apple is noticeably absent from the technologies it uses in its daily lives. His personal phone is actually Samsung, specifically Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. He also uses Surface computers both in his home office and on the go. The Surface Studio 3 All-in-One is his home computer solution, while he usually switches to the Surface Laptop 4 when working remotely. His preference for Microsoft products should come as no surprise, given that he founded the company.

This interview helps shed some light on an extremely influential career that shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Bill Gates is truly a titan of the technology industry, and much of what he says in this interview serves to emphasize this to a large extent.

Photo: US Department of Energy

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