Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill Review

If you’re looking for an affordable walking treadmill to add to your home office, the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill might just tick the right boxes. It’s affordable, extremely easy to set up, and has a comfortable handlebar that makes running on the treadmill a little safer than most under-desk treadmills. Pair with one of the best standing desksand you have an easy way to increase your cardio while you work and decrease the amount of time you spend sitting when you work from home.

But how does it compare to some of the others best under desk treadmills on the market, and what about best treadmills for indoor running? We spent a week walking and working on the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill to learn more. Read our Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 treadmill review below to learn more.

Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill Review: Price and Availability

The Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill retails at around $400/£300, making it one of the most affordable under-desk treadmills on the market. It’s a super affordable walking treadmill and doesn’t require you to invest in any other gimmicks to make it work. However, if you plan to do some more intense workouts on the treadmill, it’s a good idea to put it on one of the best yoga matsor an exercise mat to protect your carpet from sweating.

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