Boca’s newest emerging art destination is an office building

A masterpiece of colorful modern art hangs over the future home of the JAVA Café, at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRIC). It’s called Heavenly Romance, an installation of about 350 aluminum sculptures starring the late Dorothy Gillespie, a giant of mid-20th century abstraction. This is the work that most certainly evokes joy, functioning like confetti caught in the middle of a descent, swaying slightly in the air conditioner.

A handful of other Gillespie works, occupied by the Boca Raton Museum of Art, also shape the space, including the tough, wavy, three-dimensional “Space Emblems.” “Through the Mirror”, an abstraction of 17 panels in the tradition of Op Art, enchants the eye on the opposite wall.

As for BRIC’s commitment to the visual arts, Gillespie’s works are Grand Central in a lively group of exhibition space. Turn right after Through the Mirror and you’ll find Lin University’s NFT Museum, the only university-run showcase of indispensable tokens or unique blockchain-protected digital artwork. It consists of six high-resolution projection screens showing the avant-garde of 21st century digital art, from still images to animations, geometric abstractions to fake comic book covers, even TikTok videos – a real mix of high and low art, each of which flashes on the screen. for about 10 seconds, each for sale.

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Just opposite the NFT Museum is Zero Empty Spaces, a BRIC partner that rents out studio space to artists for one cent per square foot; Currently, 19 resident artists work here.

To the right of Zero Empty Spaces is an exhibition of works by members of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society; on the left, in a corridor a few steps away, is a showcase for fine arts at Lin University with the best works of students and faculty at the university.

In short, a walk in this area of ​​BRIC can feel like wandering Art Basel or the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Fair, with art in all directions. Other corridors in the spacious office building – the largest in Florida and the former home of IBM – are also enlivened by visual art. This is very deliberate and has been a key component of the building’s evolution since CP Group acquired it in 2018.

“We really believe that the intersection of art and technology is where innovation thrives,” said Gianna Pacchinelli, Communications Director at CP Group. “We have nice corridors for common areas and we try to integrate art throughout the campus, not only to encourage creativity among our tenants, but also to make us a destination in the community. People will be able to take a walking tour of all these different exhibits. It provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work and put it up for sale.

The initiative, called Art on BRIC Walls, is one aspect of the multi-year transformation of the building into a complete live and play ecosystem, which in the coming months and years will include Boca Raton’s first dining room and event space. which will seat up to 1000. (Even in its current iteration, BRIC hosts about 250 community events.)

For now, this is a synergistic art space, unlike any other I have experienced – a de facto art fair in an office building and a reason for the curious visitor to see even part of the 123 acres of the property.

“The answer is fantastic,” says Pacinelli. “Everything from a piece of Gillespie to a school-age child, all different art forms, all shapes and sizes, all levels of experience – we want to provide a way out for everyone.”

BRIC is at 5000 T-Rex Ave., Boca Raton. For information and hours to visit, call 561 / 997-1111 or visit

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