Boerne Board of Health expects state septic law changes in 2023

BOURNE – Health officials are preparing for a possible upgrade to the state’s Title 5 law, which governs septic systems, next January.

The change would prompt a property-by-property examination of septic systems in impaired watersheds such as the Squeteague/Megansett in Cataumet and Phinneys Harbor in Monument Beach, where water quality must be improved to state and federal standards.

Health Agent Terri Guarino said her office can perform systematic septic inspections in critical areas as long as it is fully staffed. Board of Health Chairman Stanley Andrews said he expects a concentrated septic effort and a defining time for the health service.

Andrews said a new and follow-up Title 5 law remains a definite possibility by the end of the year, if only because of the Conservation Law Foundation’s lawsuit against the state Department of Environmental Protection, Barnstable and Mashpee.

The Health Service expects the new Title 5 to increase the workload

Andrews said he expects major elements in a new law that will require attention, structure and organization as property owners realize what they will face.

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