Box Art Brawl: # 102 – Resident Evil Gaiden

Image: Nintendo Life

Hello everyone and welcome to the next edition of Box Art Brawl!

Last week we watched Final Fantasy VI for SNES. It was quite clear that you, good people, prefer the more “traditional” visual style of the series, as Japanese boxing art won the week with a huge 90% of the vote. Maybe rename the game Final Fantasy III in the USA and giving it a drastically different design of the box was not the wisest decision …

This week we return to the world of Resident Evil. We’ve already looked at most of the main games on Nintendo’s systems, but we forgot to pay attention to one of the strangest, most infamous records in the entire franchise: Resident Evil Gaiden.

The game first launched in the PAL regions in 2001, and other regions followed in early 2002. It is not held very high by fans of the franchise and is really no longer considered part of the broader canon. In terms of gameplay, you’re exploring a luxury passenger ship called the Starlight, in which all the occupants have turned into zombies, with the environment shown from top to bottom. When you encounter zombies and other similar filth, the camera moves in first-person perspective, with the target moving from one side to the other to show the accuracy of your attack.

Enough about the gameplay, though – you’re here for the box! This week we will pit against each other all three major regions – North America, Europe and Japan. Europe and Japan share a very similar design for their respective boxes, but the Japanese nickname “Biohazard” justifies its own position in the competition.

So with all that said, let’s all get on Starlight and take a look at some art on the box!

Be sure to vote in the poll below; but first, let’s check the box designs themselves.

North America

RE Gaiden USA
Image: Capcom

North America stands out as exceptional in the brawl this week; the box here depicts Leon S. Kennedy, looking fully set and macho with his RPD uniform. The RPD badge is also visible on the right on a dark red background. Overall, this is a pretty good picture of what Resident Evil can be like franchise, but it may not be good to point out exactly what Resident Evil Gaiden is for. On a more positive note, however, we love the “classic” font used for the RE logo; it is iconic for a reason and we are glad that Capcom has returned to it in recent years!


RE Gaiden EU
Image: Capcom

This is perhaps the more “iconic” image associated with Resident Evil Gaiden. Here we see a rescue ring decorated with the title “Starlight”, which gives a strong indication of the setting of the game. But something is wrong … What could it be? Oh, yes, the blood smears on the ring and flows down the wall – beautiful.

Something random to note here as well. The game was actually published by the now defunct Virgin Interactive in the PAL regions, while Capcom itself published the game elsewhere. It was one of many Capcom games to be run by Virgin, including similar ones Dino crisis,, Alpha 3 Street Fightand the PS1 core Resident Evil titles.


RE Gaiden JP
Image: Capcom

So, as we said earlier, the Japanese boxing art for Resident Evil Gaiden is more or less the same as its European counterpart, but with a few key differences that should be noted. First, the obvious: it’s called Biohazard instead of Resident Evil. The font is the same, of course, but there are a lot of fans who just prefer the Japanese title, which is great! In addition, there are small differences in color, such as the column on the left, plus a few extra bits and beans in Japanese. The overall image is also slightly enlarged.

So this is it! Despite the fact that Resident Evil Gaiden is close to the bottom of the franchise in terms of quality, there is no denying that the art of the box is at least quite interesting. Don’t forget to hear your voice and vote for your favorite in the poll below!

Thanks for voting! See you next time for another round of Box Art Brawl.

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