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I received an invitation for the evening preview of Theater Aspen and almost did not go. I was thinking about everything I had to do this week, so I decided I needed to spend a night outside. I am really glad that my husband made me go and that I changed my decision, because regardless of the form, art always inspires, heals and wins.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the express of bad news seems to have intensified. When one finds oneself grieving over a terrible social, political, local, or personal situation, another seems to be coming at a rapid pace. Aspen is not immune to this, despite its beautiful appearance and many blessings.

Putting all the pain aside, the show or just life has to go on. This is not to belittle any of this, it’s just the truth. Lately I’ve been feeling the peaks pretty close to the lows and I still can’t figure it all out. Sometimes a decent distraction helps you move to the other side.

Live theater is always inspiring. You think, you feel, you see differently and everyone from watching actors entertains you with words, songs, dances and emotions. Their actions move and ignite your mind with their own ideas. Or maybe it takes you back to a simpler time. Attending a show can mean sitting, watching and clapping, while going somewhere far, far away. You may not even know you have to go somewhere, but you certainly feel better after that.

We are truly blessed to have a place like Theater Aspen in our backyard. It’s just stunning and it’s just the exterior. Once you get inside, it’s a whole different world. Hearing a certain note sung that shakes your heart and makes you stand up or listen more carefully is not commonplace. I felt this on the night of the previews. The actress’ voice, just a few steps away from me, made me hook, rope and sink. I felt that spark of magic that makes you notice and immerse yourself in another dimension. If the visualization is an indication of what all Gypsy and Jersey Boys will be like, and it always is, then sign up.

I realize that some of the amazing art that surrounds us costs more than others: much more. This should not stop you from evaluating as much as you can. Take a walk to explore, buy a mattress seat with obstacles or just sit in front of the music tent with your own picnic. Nobody took that away.

Art always prevails. Just when you think you can’t hear another frustrating story about a city that stops day care, or Hotel W, which charges people $ 35 to sit by its pool, or any number of heartbreaking stories involving our amazing, hard-working members of the community may be amazed by the art.

Discovering art at Red Brick, an evening at the Aspen Theater, or a casual lunch break at the Aspen Museum of Art can turn your mind or inspire you to take a different look at your latest negative news. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. This will not change anything, but I believe that the perception of art in all its forms gives us a perspective that somehow improves the fabric around us, through us.

I’ve been on a lot of free comedy shows, and even if some of the jokes are sinister, everyone leaves with an experience. It’s up to you whether you want to have one.

None of us can stop the world around us, but we can choose from many of the experiences we have and how to play our hand. I usually choose to go outside for relaxation and healing. And I probably always will. But we are so happy to live in a place where we can experience art with such a background that can ignite our imagination and take care of us in different ways.

Are you digging

I love musical theater, and whether it’s all the stars of the Aspen Community Theater community in our community or the actors brought in for the summer season in the tent of the Aspen Theater, participating in the show is always special. I had a lot of rhythm in my brain on Monday night, but taking 40 minutes at a glance made me feel better about the job ahead.

Summer and his hard work had just begun. We all deserve to rest outside and enjoy the original reason to move here, but even better I would beg you to go find some art, statistics. It can make you feel something. And oh, how much more colorful life will be!

Beth is looking for art everywhere. It can be found at [email protected]

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