Bruce Smith is unhappy with Tony Boselli’s election to the Hall of Fame

Defensive end of the Hall of Fame Bruce Smith wondered why Tony Boseli’s offensive supporters used Boseli’s performance against Smith in a 1996 AFC wild card game as one of the main reasons for choosing Boseli in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

In a lengthy statement posted on Instagram Monday night, Smith said Boseli’s vote in the Hall of Fame, based in part on his performance in one game, “sets a terrible precedent” for the nomination of future nominees.

“Much of Tony Boselli’s campaign in the Hall of Fame seems to be hyper-focused on a successful performance he had against me in a play-off match in 1996,” Smith said in a statement. “On the one hand, I am quite flattered to be considered the gold standard by which another player’s play can be measured to determine his HOF qualification. But on a more serious level, I and other members of the HOF believe that this sets a terrible precedent for the negative reset of a permanent member of the House game in order to confirm the nomination of a nominee.

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