Bullsboro’s Chinese chef fails health inspection

Joe Agee / The Newnan Times-Herald

The Chinese Chef Buffet located at 67 Bullsboro Drive failed its health inspection on August 9 with a 59-U.

China Chef Buffet at 67 Bullsboro Drive failed the Aug. 9 health inspection.

The restaurant registered 19 violations when it was inspected by Georgia Department of Public Health inspectors that day, scoring a 59. Eateries are considered to have failed health inspections if their inspection score is listed as 69 or less.

A representative for China Chef declined to comment Tuesday.

According to the inspection document, an inspector observed lye and pest dust next to a mixing bowl in the beverage serving area, while a can of power steering fluid was observed next to a sugar container in the same area. Multiple cans of household pest spray were observed in the area and behind the front counter in the dining area.

An employee was observed washing an ice scoop in a hand sink. The employee was instructed to wash the ice scoop in the dishwashing area.

Raw chicken was stored on top of raw shrimp and lo mein noodles in an walk-in cooler. Shell eggs are stored next to cabbage and chopped onions, and raw chicken is stored next to Wonton Wraps in the refrigerator.

Black build-up observed in ice maker and on back wall of ice bin.

Food was observed on a buffet plate. The plate was removed to be re-washed, rinsed and disinfected during the inspection.

Multiple foods were observed to be temperature controlled above the correct cold holding temperature of 41F including lo mein noodles at 61F, cooked chicken at 52F, tofu at 50F, raw chicken at 49.6F while the ambient temperature was 60F inside the cooler .

In the overhead prep cooler, raw beef was observed at 49F, raw chicken was 48F, shredded cabbage was at 62F, imitation crab was 53F, eggs were 66F, and the ambient temperature was 51F.

In the walk-in cooler, imitation crab was observed at 44F, raw chicken was recorded at 45F, and lo mein noodles were 46.5F. The ambient temperature registered was 40F. Egg rolls and chicken wings were registered at 79F on the counter and discarded. Food in the walk-in coolers and prep was moved to the walk-in cooler and the person in charge reported to the inspector that the coolers would be repaired.

Additionally, no labels were found on a bulk cornstarch container or sugar container, and a bucket of glass noodles and cut potatoes was found on the floor in the kitchen area. Employees were observed preparing food in the kitchen area without hair restraints.

Observed wet wipe on rack besides chopsticks and on dry ingredients. A spoon handle was spotted in sugar, another spoon was hanging on an uncleaned wall in the kitchen above the rice cooker. An employee was observed using a glass to scoop ice into glasses. Spoons must have handles. Rice scoops have been observed in ice water on the buffet line.

Takeout containers were observed on the floor in the dry closet. Accumulation was noted on the exterior of all walk-in coolers, pre-top coolers, and on the top of the grill line, a leak was noted under the hand sink and under the ice machine, and the door was open to the employee restroom outside the kitchen . The door must be self-closing and always closed during inspection.

Low grout was observed throughout the kitchen, heavy grease build up was noted below the grill line. Broken floor tiles were observed in the walk-in freezer and a large gap was observed under the kitchen area. Canned employee drinks were seen stored above the prep counter in the kitchen and two bottled drinks were seen inside the ice machine, while an employee’s phone was seen on a plastic wrap.

According to Georgia Department of Public Health food service regulations, a follow-up inspection will be required within 10 days of the inspection.

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