Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown; dr Charles Huang, Chairman of the Charles Huang Foundation; Mr. Kitman Chan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chinese Hospital; dr Jian Jan.Chief Executive Officer of China Hospital

The Chinese Hospital is the institution I want to support the most. There is an excellent tradition of caring for the local community, especially the less privileged groups. Education and healthcare have always been the main priorities of my foundation. Therefore, after making significant donations to my two alma mater in the UK and ChinaI chose the Chinese hospital as the recipient of my first charity donation in the United States, “ said Dr. Huang. “During the pandemic, we witnessed anti-Asian, especially anti-Chinese, sentiment in American society. I hope that my donation can show American society that Asian Americans, especially Chinese Americans, care about our communities and give back to our communities to make our communities better and stronger.

The grant will fund the redevelopment of the hospital outpatient tower infrastructure and the creation of innovative programs that meet the Community’s healthcare needs. The renovated building will be called the Charles Huang Foundation Outpatient Tower. and provide additional capacity and services, including new sunscreen beds and surgical suites, laboratory and administrative improvements, and mental health and nutrition services programs.

dr Jian Jan.China’s chief executive said: “We are grateful to Dr. Huang for this generous gift that will allow us to expand much-needed services to our local community.. “Mr. Kitman ChanChairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chinese Hospital, added: “This remarkable gift will provide an opportunity to expand the exceptional health services that the Franciscans need.

Regarding Dr. Charles Huang and the Charles Huang Foundation

dr Charles Huang is the founder and chairman of Pasaca Capital Inc., a California-based multibillion-dollar evergreen fund with a global portfolio of companies in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, TMT, industry and automation and entertainment. Prior to founding Pasaca Capital, Dr. Huang was a resounding success as a visionary, ahead of his time in investment banking and the automotive sector. He was recognized as the owner of the “touch of Midas” for his unsurpassed stock selection skills and impeccable stock market calls.

Through the foundation, Dr. Huang has made significant donations to his alma mater, including a $ 70 million donation of Strathclyde UniversityGreat Britain, a $ 40 million donation for Wuhan University, Chinaand hospital c Arcadia, California.

In 2022, AAPI Heritage Month, Dr. Huang was recognized as one of the prominent leaders of AAPI and received the “Excellent Business” honor from the California AAPI Legislature. In 2021, Dr. Huang was named Philanthropist of the Year by the California State Assembly. Pasaca Capital was named “Business of the Year”.

The Charles Huang Foundation is a non-profit, non-profit corporation with a mission to accelerate and promote education, health research, and entrepreneurship on a global platform. The Foundation works in partnership with governments, foundations, corporations and institutions to create educational and business opportunities that maximize the potential of ambitious scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs.

About the Chinese Hospital

China Hospital is a non – profit community organization based in San Francisco Chinatown. Its mission is to provide quality health care in a cost-effective way and to respond to the ethnic and cultural uniqueness of the community. It traces its roots back more than 100 years to 1899, when the Chinatown community opened the Tung Wah Dispensary to provide Eastern and Western medicines to Chinese immigrants who do not have access to public health facilities. A brand new replacement hospital opened in 2016.

SOURCE Pasaca Capital, Inc.

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