Business lessons I learned from my favorite manga “One Piece”

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Since childhood, I watched and read manga, which are Japanese comics. It all started with Dragon ball and grew up from there. For more than 10 years I read and watched Japanese manga series, One piece, by Eiichiro Oda – which is currently my favorite manga. Here are some lessons I have learned and expanded in my own business and life that can also be very useful for other entrepreneurs:

Have ambitious goals

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character of One piece. He is a rubber man who has eaten the devil’s fruit and as a result can stretch his body like a rubber. He has an innocent personality and is fighting for his friends and family. Luffy’s name comes from the Japanese word “luffy”, which means “to become strong”.

One piece is a pirate story and Luffy wants to become the king of all pirates. Setting this goal itself is a huge ambition and means a lot of work. Luffy has no idea how to do so, but is willing to do the job and improve his own skills to achieve his goal. His “why” is more important than “how.” The reason he wants to become the king of pirates is that according to him, whoever becomes the king of pirates has the greatest freedom of all.

Set ambitious goals for yourself too! Your goals may even scare other people and be perceived as polarizing, but accept that some people will think you are crazy. When I started my own business, I wanted clients all over the world, not just in Germany. Now I have clients in the US, Germany, South Africa and Belgium – and that’s really just the starting point! I also specialize in content produced by AI. Like Luffy, who wants to be the king of pirates, I want to be the king of AI! I want to be the best person if you want to create artificial intelligence tools for content and workflows in your company.

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Learn only from the best in the world

Luffy received a lot of training and part of his training was done with the famous Silver Reilly, who is also known as the Dark King. Reilly was on the crew of the old pirate King Gold Roger, who died. This crew has already traveled the world and achieved what Luffy is trying to achieve. Under various circumstances, Luffy had the chance to train with the Dark King for a year, which he did immediately. This training improved his own fighting skills and made his team stronger.

In the business world, I always try to work with people who are smarter than me and have already achieved what I want to achieve. When I first started, I wanted to implement digital business models, so I worked with Norman Mueller and we started Genius Alliance University. We have built this community of international entrepreneurs who support and grow together. Later, I wanted to position myself in the niche of AI content and started The AI ‚Äč‚ÄčNerd Journal with Thomas Helfrich. Always try to find people who have already achieved what you want to achieve, and partner with them or learn from them!

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Build a world-class team of the best

Over time, Luffy found valuable members of the team who decided to join his crew. There’s Roronoa Zorro, who wants to become the best sword fighter in the world. There is Nami who wants to draw the perfect map of the world as a navigator and more characters with very ambitious goals. They all support each other and also learn from each other.

This synergy is something that always happens when high-ranking people from different fields come together and work together. They support each other in their blind spots. We do the same at our Genius Alliance University – we try to build our community and give tools for growth and mutual support.

Successful people are usually those who have a high success rate. They have the ability to work alone and are more than happy to take on the challenges that come their way. They also have a high level of commitment, which is important for any team. Successful people are not just about doing things, they are also about setting an example for others to follow. They are not afraid to talk and share their views with the rest of the team, which helps create a culture of openness and trust.

Always remember: the greatest freedom and the greatest power belongs to the one who positions himself as the king of his niche. You can also become Apple or Amazon in your niche – set it as your goal, surround yourself with excellence and build a world-class team. Then you may be on your way to becoming the king of your niche.

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