Caden Jones, AJ Samuel among rookies at Sleeper College in Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the most talented subway stations in America when it comes to scouting football talent, and the numbers support it.

The city produces more talent in the NFL per capita than any subway outside of Florida except Houston. In total, the state of Louisiana ranks sixth in the country in the number of locals who play at the highest level of football.

This means that there is always talent of the highest class, but also depth that must be taken into account in the region, which Sports Illustrated I saw it firsthand on April 24 while attending the Battle of the South camp in New Orleans. Six performers in particular caught our attention.

OL Caden Jones, class 2023

After registering for a stunning 6’8 “at the start of the event, Jones was hard to miss in almost every way. Adding a good weight as a teenager and carrying around 315 pounds relatively well, it’s no surprise that his stock has increased by Season 2021 is over. attended the program.LSU, Florida, Florida State and others are also recruiting Jones.The summer months will show where one of the biggest prospects for the offensive line in the country will play college football.

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