Cadillac understood correctly: improved technology and infotainment

As for luxury car makers, Cadillac needs a comeback. Their product portfolio lagged behind, focusing on cars instead of the hugely popular SUVs that dominate the automotive landscape.

Cadillac’s lagging product portfolio was one of the reasons why old Infiniti boss Johan De Nischen was replaced by Cadillac president Steve Carlisle, who was manually elected by General Motors executives. Carlisle knew that the focus should be on SUVs and the presentation of the Cadillac Escalade for 2021, complete with its huge instrument panel and infotainment screens. Never before has such a technology-laden screen been introduced into a car. It features a curving curve, just like a theater screen, and OLED technology. These screens allow several custom displays, including augmented reality navigation and night vision views. Combined with Cadillac’s Super Cruise automated driving technology, the car should be a dream come true for technology enthusiasts. It will also give Cadillac a competitor to the excellent Lincoln Navigator.

Ford did a great job with this SUV. Carlisle notes: “We have an arsenal of products and technologies that will create even greater differentiation for Cadillac and establish a very unique and attractive position for us in global markets. where to go next? Well, we’re going on the offensive. “That sounded great – until COVID-19. But Cadillac had something in its arsenal that makes you wonder about the brand’s recognition or mental abilities.

Buying a car can be prohibitive, and Cadillac understands that. Although COVID-19 has stopped production, there are still many vehicles on plots with dealers who want to relocate them. But the shopping experience was and still is, even when the showrooms reopen. With today’s technology, during “normal” shopping, shoppers are often overwhelmed by the abundance of information and usually begin their journey to buy cars online, on their own schedule.

Cadillac’s digital showroom, Cadillac Live, takes advantage of this advancement in technology and provides customers with a comfort experience in any location that suits them best. According to the company, through this immersive luxury shopping, Cadillac Live offers consumers unique ways to learn more about the Cadillac car range. Live offers access to dynamic views of the vehicle, while buyers can learn more about them in detail through one-on-one conversations with product specialists on any mobile and desktop device. The miracle of the whole situation is that Cadillac introduced “Cadillac Live” just before the crisis. They now have a unique infrastructure to help market their product in a safe way.

As part of the pilot program, consumers in California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas can then contact a local dealer to test a safe vehicle of their choice and take the next steps on their way to purchase. Buyers outside of these five states can still enjoy everything else Cadillac Live has to offer, find a local dealer at any time on, or visit the showroom in person. “Luxury consumers are looking for seamless, individual shopping, whether online or in person. “Cadillac Live offers a high level of personal service, with the convenience of saving time and extended working hours, reflecting today’s evolving shopping habits and the expectations of our customers,” said Melissa Grady, CMO of Cadillac. “Google data shows that twice as many car buyers start their survey online compared to the dealership, and most buyers believe

it is important for brands to provide expert advice on their products and services. In addition, 71 percent of customers reported switching to a competitor’s product after finding the selection process easier.

Cadillac understood correctly: improved technology and infotainment

Buyers can explore every detail of a Cadillac vehicle with the help of a live agent, which is equipped with iPhone X, Osmo Mobile gimbal and Bluetooth headphones, providing two-way audio and one-way live video. This means that buyers can hear and see the agent, while the agent can hear – but not see – the buyer. Agents are also equipped with a digital interface to share a choice of color, wheel and accessories. Live agent sessions are available upon request or may be scheduled for a future date. In addition, buyers can invite a partner to join a live session.

With Cadillac technology, we have proven that we can provide the showroom to the customer. Why not have a FaceTime or Zoom chat with a customer while showing them the benefits of a product? This especially makes sense for older customers or customers with weakened immune systems who would not otherwise shop in person at your store.

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