“Cajun Picasso” creates 3D folk art with a Louisiana twist

Dusty Reed has always collected odds and ends – used grinding wheels, gears and bells from an old clock, scraps of wood, wire, nails, nuts and bolts.

For a long time he would keep them in a junk drawer, as “normal people,” a phrase he used for non-artists. He couldn’t bring himself to throw them away.

“When I wasn’t doing art, I was collecting things and arranging them in different ways and thinking, ‘This could be it,’ but I never did them,” Reed said.

Today you can see all of these items and more – industrial spray insulation, anyone? — in his mixed media artwork exhibited at the Lafayette Art Association.

Dusty Reed is a self-taught artist from South Louisiana and known as

One wall has a face made of palm leaves glued to an old lid. Another cap is outlined by paintbrushes with dried paint on the bristles. They are all used in his other paintings.

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