Californians say health care is improving, a new poll found

Two years after the pandemic, more Californians are feeling positive about the quality of care; Workplace safety and access to color suppliers are still dangerous

OAKLAND, CA., June 8, 2022 / PRNewswire / – An increasing number of Californians are feeling positive about health, although the COVID-19 pandemic continues, according to a new study commissioned by the Blue Shield of California. The survey of 1,000 Californians was conducted in February this year.

The second annual Blue Shield of California/ The Harris study, known as Vital Signs, found that when it comes to the health care they receive, the vast majority of adults in California (86%) rate the quality of care as good – an increase over last year’s findings (80%). Nearly three out of five respondents (59%) said they had easy access to health care, with 30% of all respondents saying it was “very” easy.

Access gaps are declining, with nearly half of respondents (48%) saying COVID-19 is making it harder to access low-income care – compared to 62% who felt this way a year earlier. Fewer African Americans, 15%, said the health care they receive now is poor, compared to 28% last year.

The number of people who said they or a family member had delayed medical treatment for something other than COVID-19 fell to 36% from 40% a year ago. In addition, 36% said they used telehealth for the first time during the pandemic, roughly the same as in 2021.

“We see some positive news in the survey data, but we also see opportunities to improve our health system,” he said. Peter LongDr., Executive Vice President of Strategies and Health Solutions at Blue Shield of California. “That’s why we launched our Health Reimagined initiative in 2020, and we also focused on helping State of California Efforts to vaccinate against COVID-19 last year with equality and fairness as guiding principles. We are committed to helping improve access to health care, lower costs and accelerate the digital transformation needed to create a health system that is sustainable for our family and friends that is sustainably accessible. “

Here is a photo of additional survey results:

  • Nearly half of Californians (49%) who have ever sought professional mental health care did so for the first time during a pandemic. Approximately one in five Californians (22%) say their mental health has deteriorated during the pandemic.
  • Although most Californians gave good assessments to their employers that employees (75%) and customers (80%) are safe, 49% say employers need to do more and 43% say they will never do more. feel safe in a public place.
  • In terms of access to providers, 39% of African Americans, 38% of Americans of Asian descent and 36% of Hispanics say it is important to have a doctor or specialist of the same race / ethnicity versus 17% of whites. However, only 32% of Asian Americans, 39% of Hispanics and 50% of African Americans find it easy to find suppliers of their race / ethnicity.

About the survey
Vital Signs is the second annual Blue Shield California/ Harris Poll. The survey was conducted online at United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Blue Shield California between 9 and 21 February 2022 among 1009 inhabitants of California age 18+. The survey includes a wide section of the general public in California – privately insured, uninsured, MediCal recipients, self-insured, etc. For a complete survey methodology, including weighting variables and sample sizes from subgroups, please contact the Blue Shield of California.

About the Blue Shield of California

Blue shield of California strives to create a health system worthy of family and friends that is affordable. Blue shield of California is a non-profit taxpayer, an independent member of the Blue Shield Association with 4.7 million members, 7,800 employees and $ 22.9 billion in annual income. Founded in 1939 San Francisco and now based in AucklandBlue shield of California and its affiliates provide plans for health services, dental services, vision, Medicaid and Medicare in California. The company has contributed $ 192 million of the Blue Shield of California Foundation over the past five years to influence California communities.

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